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Spray Booth

Country/Region china
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Categories Plastic Drying Machinery

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It is able to spray paint in all kinds of weather and automatically at constant temperature . Extra-thick Italy-made Filtering Cotton can block away 99% of dusts and other granules in the air to guarantee zero impurity of paint coat in spraying. The air exchange as frequent as 256 times per hour in spraying drives the contaminated air always keep the internal air clean and refreshed and thus to do good to the workers health. In paint baking imported Burner is run for heating, the high-efficiency Heat Exchanger produces all-descending hot airflow, and the whole auto paint-coat is dried up by low-temperature complete drying without the troubles to dismantle the rubble parts and chairs of xxxxx process is rational and well-considered for simple handing.
1.70mm thick flame-resistant and heat-preserving board for the body structure made by sandwitching two sheets of colored steel and one piece of EPS (epispastic polystyrene);
2. Automatically spray at constant temperature which is above 18oC in winter;
3. Heat and shutt off at preset time Automatically;
xxxxx wind inhaled and exhausted while painting; constant temperature kept while baking;
xxxxx produced according to relevant standards thus easy assembly and durability;
6.Philips lights that provide even light hence a shadow-free environment with a luminescence up to 1000 lux;
7.Lots of aluminum alloy for shape and stainless steel for support net hence a even more elegant style;
xxxxx stainless-steel heat exchanger of scientific design insures the preset temperature can be reached in several minutes.
xxxxx Swiss made electrical ventilator, which can automatically adjust the wind volume when spraying switches to baking;
10. Specially designed ventilator characterized by large volume and low noise;
11. Active carbon insures the exhaust up to the relevant environmental standard in China;
12.Anti-overpressure device that can automatically open the emergency exit when needed

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