Salon Professional E-Light Ipl RF , 5 In 1 Multifunction Facial Machine

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Salon Professional E-Light Ipl RF , 5 In 1 Multifunction Facial Machine

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Salon Professional E-Light Ipl RF , 5 In 1 Multifunction Facial Machine


Theory :

The Ultracavitation+RF+ vacuum liposuction beauty equipment is newest equipment which uses the most advanced technology. It combines the advantage of Ultracavitation, Vacuum liposuction and RF. The Ultracavitation uses ultrasound cavitation effect to cause the air bubbles around lipocyte membranes to break up. The broken lipocyte will then be absorbed and metabolized out of human body by lymphatic system. It has a perfect treatment result for weight losing. Also we use 1 MHz radio frequency to alternate the electric field in the skin from positive to negative. It will produce heat under dermis then the initial collagen denaturation. Subsequent neocollagenesis then further tightens the dermal tissue and make the skin tightened, smooth and fresh.

The Ultracavitation uses ultrasonic cavitation effect to cause the air bubbles around lipocyte membranes to break up, and then the broken lipocyte will be absorbed and metabolized out of human body by lymphatic system.

It has a effective treatment result for weight losing. burning fat cell , explode fat cell etc .

Theory of tripolar RF:

High frequency wave permeates epidemis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly which makes water molecules in the skin move. The move produces controllable heat and results in contraction of collagen and generation of new collagen and dermal remodeling .as a result, the skin looks tighter, wrinkle reduce gradually .Radio Frequency: energy is transmitted to the place between three electrodes; the current permeates target tissue and generate heat.

Vacuum supersonic fat-explosion system can promote tissue metabolism , repel the cellulite .tighten the flabby skin , strengthen the skin elasticity etc,

Its effect will last for a long time . at the same time, it can enhance the muscle elasticity and improve the cell metabolism .


As It will bring the gas and vapour on the between skin and treatment head, so it will give a positive pressure on liquid molecule through the expansion cycle on body , The explosion effects inside and outside the cells will increase the molecular movements .so as to achieve an high energy state .then make the lipocyte caraking .it will give you slimming body .




Ultrasonic cavitation head for burning fat cell , explode fat cell ;

Vacuum liposuction head for slimming , remove surplus fat cell ;

Monopolar RF head for body shape , fat burning ; fat &cellulite reduction ;

Tripolar RF head for skin tightening , skin lifting , wrinkle removal on face and body with big and small treatment head


The advanced technology and advantage for anti-cellulite


we use 40KHZ ultrasonic frequency that revolutionizes the treatment against cellulites and fat. It is a non invasive based on sound waves which generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid situated in the interior of the adipose tissue. Its repeated action causes the accumulation of these micro bubbles, with each other to implode and collapse.

The result is the destruction of the adipose cells transforming the fat nodules in liquid substances that in a natural way the body removes through the lymph..

* Painless, without surgery, without scars.

* Your body is molded and recovers the skin stretch with an easy and comfortable way in some weeks.

 the patient can feel vibration when you use the cavitation.

The perfect combination of cavitation , monopolar rf , tripolar rf , vacuum liposuction can get immediate result on fat reduction .cellulite slimming . weight loss .wrinkle removal . skin tightening/lifting for body and face  , body shaping , etc


TFT LCD Display

8 inch color touch screen

Technology :

Cavitation+tripolar RF+monopolar RF+Vacuum

Cavitation frequency

40KHz  , 0 to 50W  standard.  0 to 100W for option

Tripolar RF

Monopolar RF

1MHz, 10 MHz (output frequency) ; 100J (Maximum output power)

1MHz, 10 MHz(output frequency ) ;100J (Maximum output power)

Vacuum Pressure



5 pieces :

 1). Lipolysis RF head

 2). Tripolar RF head (one big, one small )

3). Ultrasonic cavitation explode head

4). Vacuum liposuction head


220V AC / 110V AC

Pack Size


Net Weight


Gross weight



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