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Shanghai Bester Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Address: No.366,Qibao Town, MinHang District

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Shanghai Bester Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Shanghai Bester Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading enterprise which mainly specialized in manufacturing, R&D, and selling high-technological medical beauty laser instruments. Our factory website is : http://www.bester-med.com As a leading manufacturer in China for 8 years , we are mainly producing the following medical beauty instruments, such as: (1) IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Equipment (2) RF (Radio Frequency) Equipment (3) E-light (IPL+RF) Equipment (4) Q-switched ND: YAG laser (5) Microdermabrasion Equipment (6) LED Skin-rejuvenation Equipment Now our factory Bester Medical has become one of the largest & most-advanced manufacturers in medical aesthetic equipment field from China. Until now, Bester Medical has already developed 5 different series of medical laser instruments, which include more than 20 models. And all of them are occupying the good reputation from the international market. Our factory now is looking for self-motivated agent who is involved in the medical aesthetics equipments business. If you are a professional in this business, if you are a company in this market, please don`t hesitate to work with us and join in our factory international sales network. These medical laser instruments are all available to provide a diverse range of treatment applications: such as skin resurfacing, skin-rejuvenation, wrinkle removal , hair removal, vascular lesion , as well as the treatment of scar reduction , etc. As a leading manufacturer in medical beauty and aesthetics equipment business for nearly 8 years, now we have the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. As a high-tech manufacturer from China , Bester Medical always keeps up with world most advanced technology level . With our updated technologies and unceasing research , Bester Medical is producing the following 3 new generation medical beauty laser instruments, such as: Erbium Laser and Erbium Glass Laser and Fractional Co2 Laser . We are fully convinced that the solid reputation of Bester Medical was achieved by our continuous improvements on products and service in the laser instrument industry. We always believe that quality is the key element which used to determine whether this medical beauty laser instrument can occupy the international market or not. With our continuous improvement on laser instruments, Bester Medical has made more and more dermatologist and beautician and aesthetic business owners capitalize on these growing and unique technologies in the aesthetic laser market since 2001. Over the past 8 years, Bester Medical laser treatment instruments: IPL equipments and RF equipments and Laser equipments have consistently focused on bringing the actual benefits to our international clients. Especially, Bester Medical have helped our clients enhance their reputation by providing the professional skin care treatment solutions which can improve the health, well-being and quality of life to our international clients. Now Shanghai Bester Medical laser instruments are widely used by more and more professionals and specialists in medical beauty treatment fields . At present, we are also cooperating with our international distributors and OEM/ODM partners , I hope you can be our factory cooperator or distributor in the international market in the coming future.

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Company Name: Shanghai Bester Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: China
Address: No.366,Qibao Town, MinHang District