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Magnetic plaster arthritis pain relief orthopedic patch bone joint Rheumatism treatment pain killer Miaolaodie

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Magnetic plaster arthritis pain relief orthopedic patch bone joint Rheumatism treatment pain killer Miaolaodie

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Product name : Magnetic plaster rheumatism arthritis Miaolaodi (red)

Description: perforated magnetic patch is coated with a medallion healing composition which includes over 30 herbs Chinese traditional medicine, with the magnetic disk in the center. It connects to its exposure to the therapeutic effect of a magnetic field with the action of herbal extracts. Size 75mm * 90mm.

Therapeutic composition patch: bioactive components of the venom of a scorpion, peppermint oil, lavender oil, extracts: calendula, nettle, birch leaves, shoots of wild rosemary, sweet clover, leaves, cranberries, kidney poplar, flax seed, St. John's wort, violet tricolor, a succession, calamus root, hawthorn, galangal root, oregano, pine buds, linden flower, hop cones, eucalyptus and others., turpentine, salicylic acid, camphor.

Action: helping to reduce pain and reduce the signs of inflammation, activates blood circulation and metabolism in the area of the affected joint, improves the production of joint fluid and normalizes its "lubricating" properties, strengthens the power of the articular cartilage and accelerate its recovery, stop the destruction of joint tissues, inhibits the development of osteoarthritis, relieves muscle spasm, restores the function of the knee joint.

Indications: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis of the knee joint, gout, lupus, osteomyelitis, tendon injuries and the knee ligaments in the knee cap area: stretching, breaks, sprains, meniscus injuries, ligament rupture knee pain due to fractures, bursitis knee tendinitis, tendioz, inflammation of the tendon, patellofemoral pain syndrome, pain arising due to injury to the patella, overload, excess body weight pressure.

Method of application: Before application thoroughly rinse and dry the affected area of the body, to remove body hair, stick the plate for 48 hours, if necessary. Then remove and after a few hours to paste a new plate. Apply until symptoms disappear.

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy components. Not recommended for use on persons suffering from skin allergies, used with caution in pregnant women. Do not use on skin areas with open wounds. Store in a cool and dry place.

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