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Professional Wind Tower Production Line For ZLP Construction Platform

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Professional Wind Tower Production Line For ZLP Construction Platform

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Professional Wind Tower Production Line For ZLP Construction Platform 



The model perfectly suited to lightweight applications such as painting and decorating, refurbishing, jointing and repairs, windows cleaning etc.


The complete system consists of the working platform equipped with two electric LTD hoists and the support wheels, suspended by means of steel wire ropes from a suspension structure.



1. Safety systems

        To ensure safe operation without danger to personnel, the platform is fitted with the following safety devices:
- Service brake incorporated in the LTD hoist.
- Two fall arrest devices (Anti-tilt LSF safety lock) acting on the safety wire ropes.
- Overload sensor incorporated in the LTD hoists according to EN 1808. (Option)
- Two upper limit switches.
- No power descent in case of power failure.
- Emergency stop.
- Phase controller. (Option)



2. The main para. Of ZLP630 suspended platform

- Rated Load: 630kg
- Lifting Speed: 9.3m/min
- Voltage-3Phase: 380V/ (415V/220V)
- Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
- Power: 1.5kw×2
- Hoist: LTD63
- Safety Lock: LSF308
- Dia. of Wire Rope: 4×31SW+FC-8.3mm
- Platform Size: (2×3)×0.76×1.45m
- Weight of Suspension Jibs: 340kg
- Weight of Lifting Part: Aluminum310kg/ Steel 450kg
- Counter Weight: 900kg
- 20’ GPQty of Package: 10



3. Double-Deck Platform

        The ZLP platform can be easily transformed in a double-deck platform using especially designed attachment rods.



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