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Toshiba Transducer PVT-382MV B super electronic Probes Ultrasound Transducer Probe Ultrasonic Transducer

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Toshiba Transducer PVT-382MV B super electronic Probes Ultrasound Transducer Probe Ultrasonic Transducer

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Toshiba Probe PVT-382MV Aplio Xario 3.5MHz Abdomen Transducer UltraSound
Probe type performance description application system
PLB-508M- 55 MHz Linear 32B/38A/38B
PLE -308M-3.75 3.75 MHz Linear 77B/90A/100A/250A
PLE -508M 5 MHz linear 77B/90A/100A/250A
PLE -505S 5.0MHz Linear /57mm 77B/90A/100A/250A
PLE -705S 7.5MHz Linear Shallow Region 270A/77B/90A/100A/240A/250A
PLF -308P 3.75MHz Linear / 86mm SSH-140 / 270A / 340A
PLF -503NT 5 MHz Linear SSH-140A / 340A
PLF -503ST 5.0MHz Linear SSA-270A
PLF -703NT 7.5 MHz Linear SSH-140A / 340A
PLF -703ST 7.5MHz Linear SSA-270A
PLF -705S 7.5MHz Linear 140A/250A/270A/340A
PLF - 805ST 6/8/10 MHz Linear SSH-140A Power Pace / 340A
PSB-25A-2.5 2.5 MHz Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSB-25R-2.5 2.5 MHz Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSB-37A-3.75 3.75 MHz Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSB-37R-3.75 3.75 MHz Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSB-50A-5.0 5 MHz Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSB-50ST-5.0 5 MHz Special Sector SAL-32B, 38A, 38B
PSD-25R 2.5MHz Sector 140A / 270A PSD-25R 2.5MHz Sector
PSE -37H 3.75MHz Sector SSA-270
PSE -37L 3.75MHz Sector SSA-250/140/270
PSE -50H 5.0MHz Sector SSA-340A/ 140
PSF-25CT 2.5 MHz Cardiac/abdominal Sector SSA-270A
PSF-25DT 2.5MHz Sector Cardiac (w/st. CW) 160A / 270A
PSF-25FT 2.5MHz Sector Cardiac (W ST. CW) 160A / 270A
PSF-25LT 2.5MHz Sector Cardiac (w/st. CW) SSH-140A
PSF-37CT 3.75MHz abdominal sector SSA-270A
PSF-25LT 2.5MHz Sector Cardiac (w/st. CW) 160A / 270A
PSF-37CT 3.75MHz abdominal sector 160A / 270A
PSF-37DT 3.75 MHz Sector (w/St. CW) SSH-140A / 340A
PSF-37CT 3.75MHz abdominal sector SSA-270A
PSF-37DT 3.75 MHz Sector (w/St. CW) 160A / 270A
PSF-37FT 3.75MHz Sector Cardiac (W. St. CW) 160A / 270A
PSF-37HT 3.75 MHz abdominal sector SSH-140A / 340A
PSF-50AT 5.0MHz Sector (Heart) 160A / 270A
PSF-50ET 5.0MHz Sector Pediatric /Neonatel 140A / 160A / 270A
PSF-50FT 5.0MHz Sector Ped. Cardiac (St. CW) 160A / 270A
PSH-37LT 3.75MHz Sector SSH-140A
PVE-375M 3.75MHz Convex / 50mm 77B/90A/100A/240A/250A/TOSBEE
PVE-382M 3.75MHz Convex 77B/90A/100A/240A/250A/TOSBEE
PVE-393M 3.75MHz Convex / 26mm 77B/90A/100A/240A/250A/TOSBEE
PVF-357MT 3.75MHz Convex / 70mm SSA-270A
PVF-375MT 3.75MHz Convex SSA-140A / 270A / 340A
PVF-381MT 3 / 3.75MHz Convex SSA-340A – Eccocee
PVF-575MT 5 MHz Convex SSH-140A / SSA-270A / 340A
PVF-620ST 6 MHz convex intra-cavity SSA-270 / SSH-140A / 340A
PVF-621VT 6 MHz endovaginal SSA-270/SSH-140A/250A/340A
PVF-625RT 6-7 MHz endorectal SSH-140A/ 340A
PVF-738F 7 MHz Side Firing Slightly Convex PwrVision 6000, Nemio, Tosbee,
PVF-738F 7 MHz Side Firing Slightly Convex Capacee
PVF-738H Microconvex PwrVision 6000, Nemio, Tosbee,
PVF-738H Microconvex Capacee
PVF-745V 7 MHz slightly curved convex PwrVision 6000, Nemio, Tosbee,
PVL-725RT 7.0MHz B.P. Rectal SSA-270A / SSH-140A
PEF-510MB 5.0/6.0MHz Multi PlaneTEE SSA-270A / SSH-140A
PLG-308P 3.0/3.5MHz Biopsy Linear Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PLG-506M 4.0/5.0/7.0MHz Linear Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PLG-805S 6.0/8.0/10.0MHz Linear Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PVG-366M 3.0/3.75MHz Convex Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PVG-601V 5.0/6.0/7.0MHz TV Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PVG-720S 5.0/7.5/8.0MHz Slightly Curved Lin Justvision 200/400/Capacee
PEM-508SC 5,0/6.0MHz Bi-plane Ped. TEE PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PEF-704LA 5/7.5/10MHz Laparoscopic PwrVision 6000/Nemio
PLM-503AT 6.0-8.5MHz Linear / 32mm PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PLM-703AT 6.0-11.0MHz Linear / 32mm PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PLM-703AT 6.0-11.0MHz Linear / 32mm PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PLM-805AT 6.0-12.0MHz Linear / 56mm PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PLM-1204S 8.0-12.0MHz Linear/20mm (Hockey) PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PLM-1204AT 8.0-14.0MHz Linear / 32mm PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-25AT 2.0/3.0/3.6/3.7/3.8MHz Cardiac PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-20CT 2.0/2.5/3.0MHz TCD Sector PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-37AT 2.5/3.7/4.2/5.0MHz Cardiac Sector PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-37CT 3.2/4.2/5.0MHz Abd Sector PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-50AT 3.7/4.5/6.0MHz Sector PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSM-70AT 5.0/7.5/10.0MHz Sector PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVF-738H 5/7.5/10MHz Intraop - T-shape PwrVision 6000/Nemio/Justv.
PVF-738F 5/7.5/10MHz Finger "I" Shape PwrVision 6000/Nemio/Justv.
PVF-745V 7.5MHz Micro Convex PwrVision 6000/Nemio/Justv.
PVM-662AT 5.7/7.0/8.0MHzMicroConvex -Neonatal PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVM-621VT 5.0/6.0/7.0MHz Endovaginal PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVM-651VT 5.0/6.0/7.5MHz Endovaginal PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVM-375AT (NEW) 3.0-6.0MHz Convex PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVM-375AT 3.0-6.0MHz Convex PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PVM-740RT 5.0/7.5/10MHz Bi-plane Rectal PwrVision 6000 / Nemio
PSN-25AT 2.0/3.0/3.6/3.7/3.8MHz Cardiac Powervision 8000
PSN-37CT Abdominal Sector Powervision 8000
PVN-375AT 3.0-6.0MHz Convex Powervision 8000
PVN-661VT 5/6/7MHz Endo-vaginal Powervision 8000
PVN-760ST 5/7/8MHz Endo-cavity Powervision 8000
PLN-503AT 6.0-8.5MHz Linear / 32mm Powervision 8000
PLN-703AT 6.0-11.0MHz Linear / 32mm Powerv
Our Advantages:
1. High quality, good price
2. Original brand new
3. Good service and delivery time
4. Professional dealer for ultrasound probe
We could also supply different brands of ultrasound transducers as followings:
PHILIPS Series Ultrasound Transducer
ALOKA Series Ultrasound Transducer
GE Series Ultrasound Transducer
SIEMENS Series Ultrasound Transducer
TOSHIBA Series Ultrasound Transducer
HONDEX Series Ultrasound Transducer
HP Series Ultrasound Transducer
MINDRAY Series Ultrasound Transducer
FUKUDA Series Ultrasound Transducer
KONTRON Series Ultrasound Transducer
MEDISON Series Ultrasound Transducer
SHIMADZU Series Ultrasound Transducer
DIASONICS Series Ultrasound Transducer
ACUSON Series Ultrasound Transducer
ATL Series Ultrasound Transducer
B & K Series Ultrasound Transducer
HITACHI-SIUI Series Ultrasound Transducer
APOGEE Series Ultrasound Transducer
BIOSOUND ESAOTE Series Ultrasound Transducer
SONOSITE Series Ultrasound Transducer
PIE Series Ultrasound Transducer
HONDA Series Ultrasound Transducer


Types, advantages and disadvantages of B-mode ultrasound probes
1. mechanical fan scanning probe: according to human "persistence of vision" phenomenon can be observed dynamically, with the characteristics of "small window view", without bladder, suitable for the health department to check pregnancy check ring.
2. electronic linear array probe: the size of the probe chip is larger, the observation of the intercostal space behind the viscera (such as heart and liver) is unchanged, and the bladder filling condition is required to be higher, otherwise it will affect the observation effect.
3. electronic convex array probe: convex array B ultrasonic probe overcomes the above shortcomings, not only can be used in the heart, but also suitable for abdominal and gynecological examination, is the ideal type of the probe.
4. body cavity probe: for some lesions, such as cervical cancer, prostate disease, rectal tumor, etc., also can be used in body cavity ultrasonic scanning method for diagnosis. The body cavity probe can be divided into electronic scanning and mechanical scanning from the scanning mode, which can be divided into vaginal probe, urethral probe, rectal probe and so on. Because the cavity probe uses high frequency ultrasound (above 50HZ). The resolution is high, the image is very clear, and it can show the small lesions of organs. It is of clinical significance for the diagnosis of early tumor. Obstetrics and Gynecology can also be used for the

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