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Ethanol extractor equipment /Continuous Counter-flow Ultrasonic Extraction Complete Machinery

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Ethanol extractor equipment /Continuous Counter-flow Ultrasonic Extraction Complete Machinery

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*Technical Parameters

1. For capacity above 1000L, will be custom made with operation platform.
2. Material contacting parts can be chosen to use SUS304 or SUS316.
3. All types of machines can be chosen to use digital control or PLC control.
4.The machine can be made into electricity heating or steam heating.
5.Concentration parts can be custom made into film concentration or normal vacuum concentration.
6. Filer can be chosen according to customers demand.
7. Extraction and concentration temperature is adjustable.

1. Suitable for water extraction,alcohol extraction or other organic solvent extraction,can be performed at atmospheric pressure or negative pressure
2. High efficiency of extraction and concentration, can realize the re-flux extraction process, reduce the extraction and concentration time, solvent saving.
3. Vacuum comncentration can effectively reduce the loss of heat-sensitive active ingredients.



Application ScopeType of Description
PharmaceuticalAnalytical solution of antibiotic resin for desalination and concentration, vitamin concentration
DyeDesalination and concentration, instead of salting out,acid
Amino aciddecolorization, impurity removal,concentration and desalination
foodOligosaccharides, starch, sugar, separation,purification,fruit juice concentrate, plant extract
Recovery of mother liquorMSG mother liquor purification, glucose crystallization solution impurity etc.
Water treatmentPriting and gyeing waste-wter treatment, water resue,ultra pure water preparation
Acid,alkali recoveryPharmaceutical industry washing column acid, alkali waste liquid, chenical fiber industry waste acid,alkali



1.What does you need from me to quote a price?

a).Raw material
b).Production capacity per batch,we supply 100L~300L machine for you,big capacity of machine can be customized according to your request for your request.
2.What is your machine' material?

Stainless steel.It can be customized according to your request.
3.What is suitable material for your machine?

Our machine is quite suitable for herbs,plants extracting and concentrating.
4.Can I do extraction test of my raw material?

Yes,of course,and we will send you videos and test report for your reference.
5.Can you provide us equipment if we do not know the process flow?

We have R&D department,we can do research according to your request.
6.What you can I get through your machine?

You can get concentrate liquid,cream and powder.
7.What solvent does your machine can use?

Water and Organic solvents.
It depends on your raw material and request.
8.Can I use the machine to extract several kinds of raw materials?

Yes,of course.
9How long does it take to produce the machine once I place my order ?

Usually the delivery time is 30 working days after prepayment received.
10.How will my order be packed, can you provide the installation service?

Packed in plywood case,we will assemble and test the machine before packing.
We will send English manual. If customer need, we will send one engineer for assemblingand training for workers. USD100 per person per day, food, accommodation and air-ticket will be on clients.



Contact person:Kevin




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