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Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Address: Rm 4, Bldg 1, Bicuihua Court, Dongting Rd, Huangqi, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China.

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Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is a manufacturing, developing and marketing company that specialize in forest chemical products. The production base was located near the cultivation area in Guangxi & Guangdong where is abundant in pine tree, with the advantage of rich & quality original rosin and neighborhood, and with our developed chemical processing technology, we can make out the rosin & resin product with low production cost and stable quality, in addition, we have rich product catagories and reasonable prices to cater to the market.


Baolin Chemical runs business based on the ideas as “Be Honest With Our Customers, Be Committed To Our Business, Build Up Our Brand Image In The Forest Chemical Industry”. With many years of development, we invest substantial money in our facilities, R&D and human resource to guarantee our customers a high standard of products and services, we have won widely reputation from the industry.


As one of the leading resin manufacturers, Baolin Chemical always emphasizes on being committed to developing environment-friendly products that can be offered to our customers to make out value-added final products. The Gum Rosin can be further processed to make out a series of Modified Rosin such as Polymerized Rosin, Hydrogenated Rosin, Disproportionated Rosin, Water-White Rosin & Maleated Rosin. For Esterified Rosin, we have Glycerol Ester Of Rosin and Pentaerythritol Ester Of Rosin. And some items with tackiness are available, including Maleic Resin, Phenolic Resin, Terpene Resin & Terpene Phenolic Resin. We also have Water-White Resin that light color is required. Our products can be widely used in various industries, such as Adhesives, Paintings & Coatings, Rubbers, Inks, Paper Making and Electronic Products.


Baolin Chemical has a large scale sales network, we have our distributors and terminal users in China, not only that, we also sell our products overseas, our foreign customers locate in many countries and regions, such as East Asia, South-East Asia, Middle-East, North America, Europe, North Africa and so on.

Hot Products

CAS No.: 8050-31-5 EINECS No.: 232-482-5 Formula: C63H62O3 Other Names: Glyceryl Rosinate, Ester Gum...
Other Names: pentaerythritol rosin ester, pentaerythritol rosin CAS No.: 8050-26-8 EINECS No.: 232...
CAS No.: 68188-04-5 EINECS No.: N/A Formula: CH2O.W99 Other Names: terpene phenol resin Description ...
CAS No.: 70750-57-1 EINECS No.: 500-245-8 Formula: (C10H16)n Other Names: polyterpene resin, pinene ...
CAS No.: N/A EINECS No.: N/A Formula: N/A Other Names: tackifying resin Description Tackifier resin ...
CAS No.: 91081-53-7 EINECS No.: N/A Formula: [C8H8O2]n Other Names: phenolic resin, phenol resin ...

Company info

Company Name: Foshan Baolin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
City: foshan
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: Rm 4, Bldg 1, Bicuihua Court, Dongting Rd, Huangqi, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China.