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ballwaterfeature company

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Welcome to a world Unique Modern and endless entertainment: the world Floating Granite Sphere fountain and floating objects like the Floating Ring, Floating Christmas tree, Floating Logo or Floating sculpture. Brahma Granitech has very vast range of water sculpture items rotating / oscillating / spinning on the principal of hydrostatic bearing.

Our all water fountain are very unique cause of several tons of stone objects like floating sphere (10 cm to 200 cm), floating ring/wheal (60 cm to 200cm), floating cone, duel motion sphere fountain, Dancing & rotating doll, etc move on thin film of water with very low water pressure. Also manufacturing of Granite vessel sink, knobs, pulls, bowls, vanity, column, slabs.

Hot Products

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Company Name: ballwaterfeature company
Country: China
Website: http://www.ballwaterfeature.com/