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YJW-5000 Microcomputer Control Electro - Hydraulic Servo Shear Testing Machine

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YJW-5000 Microcomputer Control Electro - Hydraulic Servo Shear Testing Machine

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Product Details

YJW-5000 Microcomputer Control Electro - Hydraulic Servo Shear Testing Machine


  • The YJW-5000 series of microchip controlled electro-hydraulic servo shear testing machine is mainly designed for tests on pot bearings, disc bearings and spherical bearings to inspect their mechanics performances. This product is capable of bulk modulus tests, shear modulus tests, shear angle tests, ultimate compressive strength, friction modulus tests, rotation tests, and measuring axial compressive deformation and lateral deformation in load tests on pot bearings. It is also capable of compression tests on jack and other big components.
  • This product presents an ideal choice for rail, bridge construction related fields, bridge rubber bearing manufacturers, traffic engineering quality control department, civil construction quality control department and etc.
  • This product is integrated with a multi-channel coordinative digital load control system, enabling controlling methods including constant deformation speed, constant loading speed and etc., meanwhile switches smoothly in between. . The system retrieves testing data automatically, and then processes the data under regulations and standards. It takes no human resources to read deformation data, requiring only one operator to perform the whole test. Assistance is required to install specimen or perform rotation tests. The measuring and controlling unit is developed by our own engineers, integrated with the leading high-performance AEC-1000 Controller, which is usually equipped on high-end material testing machines, and the pioneered modular Test Live computer testing software ensuring the reliability and precision of the system. After years of application and refinement, our system features matured technologies, reliable operations and powerful functionalities. The test data of load, displacement and deformation are automatically retrieved, processed and stored meanwhile displaying real-time testing curves. Test reports can be printed under related standards.
  • This product adopts a four-column structure as its main frame, featuring a stable, high-stiffness structure, as well as long-term stability, convenient operations, reliability and safety.
  • This product can also apply the top-mounted cylinder structure to perform tests on shock isolation rubber bearings.
  • This type complies with the standards and requirements of GB/T 2611-2007, JT/T 4-2004, GB/T 17955-2009, JT/T 663-2006, JT/T 391-2009, GB 20688.4-2007.




  • The hydraulic system features a quick withdraw unit to promote efficiency.
  • Electromechanically adjustable test space between upper and lower compression platen. Horizontal shear components are moveable electromechanically and easy to operate.
  • Multi-channel coordinative digital load control system makes it more convenient to perform tests.
  • A wide range of test projects are supported by the testing software (14 categories), perfect support for the latest mechanics performance testing standards on rubber bearing products.
  • Support for management permissions for various user types (Operator, administrator and engineer).
  • Easy to set testing methods. Administrators may configure in a specific range of settings under related standards, pre-installed with two sets of testing schemas (standard testing schema and custom testing schema).
  • Highly automatic testing process. Capable of general functionalities including automatically aligning with zero, smooth continuous loading and un-loading, automatic sustaining. Capable of monitoring the whole testing process, automatic testing data measuring and processing, automatic testing curve displaying, automatic saving the source data and curves of tests.
  • Highly user-friendly testing process. Operators may perform testing procedures according to system suggestions. Other interactions may retrieve testing state suggestions in time.
  • The testing software supports displaying various categories of testing data, and drawing real-time common-type curves including load-time, displacement-time, deformation-time, load-displacement, load-strain, stress-strain and etc., as well as partial curve zooming in/out.
  • Testing data automatic processing, one-click data calculation, automatic testing report obtaining and printing.
  • Integrated with a complete set of templates for shear tests from the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China. Customizations are also supported to cater for users’ specific requirements.
  • The testing software is integrated with a complete and safe data storing system. Supports tracing history testing data, automatic test report generating and printing.
  • Rich and detailed help documentation installed in the test software. Contents including testing descriptions, operating procedures, cautions can be viewed or printed through the help system.
  • Integrated with travel limit protection and full scale overload protection.



Technical Specifications:






Load measurement range


Load measurement accuracy


Load resolution

±1/500000 of Max capacity, no stepping, no change in full scale

Piston displacement measurement accuracy


Piston speed adjustment range


Piston travel of vertical cylinder


Horizontal shear capacity


Horizontal piston travel


Rotation lifting capacity


Upper/lower compression platen distance

1000mm(or customized)

Compression platen dimensions


Axial deformation measurement range


Lateral deformation measurement range


Horizontal shear deformation measurement range


Frame dimensions


Hydraulic system dimensions


Power supply




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