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Europe type ball mill

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Europe type ball mill

Country/Region China
City & Province Zhengzhou Henan
Categories Mining Machinery

Product Details

Europe type ball mill is a new type of ball mill that Henan Bailing Machinery Co.,Ltd recently introduced, it is mainly used for raw materials or finished products’ grinding in cement 、building materials 、chemical 、metallurgical industry. It adopts bearing transmission, with German most advanced hard-teeth reduction gear and coupler, thus reduce vastly power consumption and make the machine start more smoothly. Bearing lubrication adopts automatic oil supply system, the machine runs more smoothly. It adopts advanced special obstructing equipment in the chamber, during grinding process, required powder can be directly elected, reduces the repetitive grinding, thus improve sgrinding efficiency, achieves high production and low energy consumption , increases production 15-20% than normal grinding mill, power consumption reduces by 30%, the most obvious advantage of this machine is high grinding efficiency 、energy saving 、ore discharge smoothly、attractive appearance,is the world's most innovative grinding equipment. Bearing adopts oil lubrication system, thus help bearing internal dirt cleaning and reduce the bearing attrition during normal operation. Bailing ball mill reduces replacement frequency of easily damaged parts at the most extent. lining plates 、steel balls are made of high chrome steel,which is very wear-resistiing and durable, brings a lot of advantages for ball mill’s maintenacne and working.


1.Main bearing adopts large diameter double biserial roller bearing, replaces primary sliding bearing, reduces friction, reduces energy consumption, and easy to start
2.End cover remains the same as normal mill, with large feed size and high capacity.
3.Two kinds of feeder : combined feeder and drum feeder, with simple structure, separate installation
4.without inertia impaction, stable operation、reduce maintenance frequency, improves working efficiency.


TypeProduction capacity
Mill form
Form of
Speed ratio
Φ2.2×7m8-9open circleedge380ZD70554
Φ2.2×7.5m10-11open circleedge380ZD70563
Φ2.2×8m10-12open circleedge380ZD70565
Φ2.2×9.5m14-16open circleedge475ZD70570
Φ2.4×10m19-19open circleedge630JR755.6494.5without motor
Φ2.4×11m19-21open circleedge630RZD806.399.2without motor
Φ2.4×13m21-23open circleedge800MBY7107.1115.2without motor
Φ2.6×13m28-32open circleedge1000MBY8007.1148
Φ2.6×13m28-32open circlecenter1000MFY10019.5101.73
Φ3.0×12m32-35open circleedge1250MBY9007.1168.6
Φ3.0×13m34-37open circleedge1400MBY9007.1172.26
Φ3.2×13m45-50open circleedge1600MBY10007.1196.26
Φ3.8×13m60-62open circlecenter2500MFY25016.5204
Φ4.2×13m85-87open circlecenter3530JQS355015.6254

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