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Round Edge Baby Care Accessories Nipple Pink Milk Bottle Food Grate Plastic PP

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Round Edge Baby Care Accessories Nipple Pink Milk Bottle Food Grate Plastic PP

Country/Region china
City & Province hefei anhui
Categories Other Furniture

Product Details

Round Edge Nipple Pink Baby Milk Bottle Food Grate Plastic PP Material




Silica gel bottle


1, Nontoxic and soft. No bisphenol A, no harmful substances, bottle body soft, broken, not hurt the baby's teeth and oral mucosa, like the mother's skin, the milk feeling is full, can pacify the baby's emotion; the bottle bottle and the nipple are the same material - food grade silicone rubber, high safety;


2, Anti - flatulence, anti - choking milk:


The nipple is provided with an air inlet valve, and an air inlet hole is arranged on the suction pipe, so that the bottle can keep the balance of internal and external pressure at all times, and the baby sucks more smoothly.


3. The economy is durable.


Silicone rubber, high and low temperature (-50 - 200 c), high temperature sterilization thoroughly, aging resistance, no deformation, boiling, steam and other disinfection can be used for a long time, only to replace the nipple.


Parameter Size


Product nameBaby milk bottle
Carton size10*18cm
NippleEmulational silicone nipple
DisinfectionCan be sterilized at high temperature
Test60N power pull nipple
UsageExercise the coordination of hands
DesignScientific design
ColorBlue, pink
MaterialFood grate plastic PP raw material
Gravitational ball360 degree rotation gravitational ball
AccessoriesDouble handle, straw
FeatureRound edge, not injured hand
PortFOB Ningbo, China
SampleFree samples are available
Quantity/Carton1box or as customize
Age group0-6 years old baby
AdvantageNot choking the milk



Product Introduction


A bottle is a kind of utensil used to hold milk. It is usually used by infants. The bottle itself does not contain nipples, only refers to the bottle body, but the general production of baby bottles manufacturers will give a nipple with the bottle.


For baby bottles in bottles, they can be divided into: glass bottles, plastic bottles and silicone bottles. Among them, plastic bottles usually have PC, PP, PES, PPSU and silica gel.


In addition to PC, the others do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), while the "PC" material has been proved to release toxic bisphenol A at 100 degree high temperature.


1. according to function, it is divided into ordinary glass bottles and safety glass bottles.


The common glass bottle is broken easily after breaking, and the safety glass bottle is double layer design, the inner layer is glass, the outer layer is high strength material, and the impact force is stronger than the ordinary glass bottle. The most important thing is that even if the broken pieces are broken, the glass fragments are wrapped in the outer layer of the protective layer to prevent the debris from injure.


2. according to the caliber: divided into standard size and wide bore bottle. Standard caliber is born less time, and wide aperture glass bottle is more and more popular, compared with standard diameter, wide aperture is more convenient to add milk powder and cleaning.


3, according to the capacity: the capacity of the market is usually 120ml, 150ml, 220ml, 240ml and other several, usually suggest that parents buy at least one big and one small two, large capacity milk, small capacity drinking water.


We did many tests for this milk bottle, use 60N power to pull nipple, and it is very wear-resistant. Breast milk: The bottle is very soft, like the breast of a mother. The baby likes it very much. The ergonomics is easy and natural.


Quality Assurance:


1. Quality is the life, Honest is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman.

2. Honest has advanced production management and R & D technology and also continue to technical innovations.

3. Honest introduces new industrial automation equipment, and gradually optimize the every aspect of production process.

4. Honest brings in advanced quality test equipments so as to control all products.

5. Honest has its own complete set of test methods and test standard.

Our Services:
OEM/ ODM Produce
Samples for Testing
Product Instructions
1 Year Warranty


24 Hours Online


Our company


We now main products are baby items, including baby buggy, baby stroller, baby walker, baby playpen, baby highchair, baby bed, baby tricycle, ride on car, baby electric car, plush toys, electronic toys, and baby car seats etc., such kind of product development and sales. More than 20 series, 300 types.


Personalized products and services to provide customers with a significant advantage. Due to the high quality of our products and reliable performance, they are widely used in Home & Garden, Clothing, Household Sundry, Furniture, Toy-making, as well as more industries. Meanwhile, we also have 2 our own production lines, one is for stroller, and another is child wooden bed.


Honest brings together the world's top professional talent and technology, has a highly qualified personnel. Set from pruduct development to new item design, system testing, technical services are completed by professional and technical personnel. We have one R & D base in Hefei City, work closely with well-known institutions of higher learning and research institutions at home and abroad, a number of the core technological achievements and technical indicators at the international advanced level.

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