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Introducing E-Invoicing from Crossgate

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Introducing E-Invoicing from Crossgate

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When you replace paper invoices with E-Invoicing from Crossgate (powered by SAP) you can reduce costs and days in A/R, while knowing your documents and procedures are in compliance with government regulations and local VAT authorities. Save time, printing and staff costs by converting your paper based invoicing to electronic transmission with Crossgate: the first global Business-Ready Network.
 Compliance Benefits
Digital signatures, security certificates, and e-invoice archiving regulations guarantee the integrity and authenticity of transmissions, thereby helping companies meet national and legal invoicing regulations in EU countries. E-invoicing solutions produce project-specific documentation including a process description and compliance map. With these templates, companies can create documentation jointly with their customer, including the requirements recommended by the customer's tax authorities, depending on the country. Compliance regulations are very specific in terms of how invoices must be signed, sent, and archived, and a comprehensive e-invoicing solution makes it easier and more affordable for companies to meet those regulations.
 Reducing Days Sales Outstanding
In today's fast-paced global economy, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to turn sales into cash promptly and efficiently. Manually sending paper invoices is slow and expensive, and processes are not integrated among business partners. Audits and other regulatory compliance efforts are often time-consuming and difficult. When disputes arise, resolving them puts heavy burdens on company resources and delays payment. These problems may result in inefficient financial supply chains with large amounts of aging and uncollected receivables. Because predicting cash flow is difficult, the average days sales outstanding (DSO) for most companies is 45 days. And long cash conversion cycles can translate into significant competitive disadvantages.
E-Invoicing can reduce accounts receivable costs by up to 60 percent. By improving cash management processes and reducing DSO, companies have more cash available to repurchase stock, expand business operations, and reduce debt, all of which have a positive effect on stock price.
 Cost-Saving Benefits
One of the most attractive benefits of e-invoicing is also one of the most obvious. By eliminating creating, printing, enveloping, consignment, and expenses for material and postage, companies can realize greater than 50% cost savings. Paper invoices cost a company an average of $5 per invoice, while electronic invoices cost an average of $2 to generate.
Cost savings are not limited to paper products. Approximately 60% of all inbound customer service calls are related to invoice disputes, which translates to hundreds of hours of human intervention. By greatly reducing the human component required for processing manual invoices and reconciling invoicing disputes, a company can reduce the number of its full-time employees.

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When you replace paper invoices with E-Invoicing from Crossgate (powered by SAP) you can reduce ...