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5W Digital Data Transceiver 2400bps Bidirectional Communication Wireless Radio

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5W Digital Data Transceiver 2400bps Bidirectional Communication Wireless Radio

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5W Digital Data Transceiver 2400bps Bidirectional Communication Wireless Radio



KP-RM305 wireless data transmission radio, is a long-distance wireless data transmission products.Its advantages of small size, metal shell, good shielding performance, strong anti interference, the internal use of integrated amplifier,TCXO reliability device and a built-in watchdog that ensure its good stability and high reliability. Half duplex communication working mode which is more convenient for the user to provide two-way data signal transmission and detection and control functions. The Send and receive time less than 50ms and timeliness. Suitable for wireless data acquisition, industrial control, the measurement and control of the oil field, watermark monitoring important industry.




1) Power and sensitivity:

Radio frequency output power is 5W~10W,

high receiving sensitivity -120dbm (1200bps); -117dbm(2400bps),-105dbm(9600bps)


2). Multiple frequency,to meet various customers' needs

Carrier frequency can be 220-220 Mhz, 450-470 Mhz.


3) High speed wireless communications and data buffer.

Air rate is greater than or equal to a serial port rate can continuous transmission infinite data, when the air rate is less than or equal to a serial port rate, temporary storage buffer then transfer.


4) transparent transmission, convenience for the user.

Radio after receiving the data needs to be sent, launch will start automatically without user to send and receive control.


5) Low power consumption

Receiving current < 60 mA, emission current < 1.5 A, hibernation current < 1 ma.


6) High reliability, small volume, light weight.

Aluminum alloy shielding enclosure, small size: 85 mm x 58 mm x 16 mm.



  • Frequency: 230MHz/400MHz/420MHz/450MHz
  • Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm;
  • Working mode:Half-duplex
  • Channel spacing: 25 kHz;
  • Bit rate:1200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps (option)
  • Channel rate:1200/2400bps (option)
  • Transceiver conversion time:<50ms
  • Receiving sensibility: -105dbm(9600bps)
  • Working temperature:-40~+80℃; (industrial grade)
  • Working humidity:10% ~ 90% relative humidity, no condensation
  • Data format:8E1/8N1/801(other format also available,for example:9 data bits)
  • Power supply: DC12V(can also custom made according to your request).
  • Dimension: 85x58x16mm (without radiator);


Receiver technical index:


Receiving sensibility:≤0.25μV ( 12dB SINAD)
Adjacent channel selectivity:≥70dB
Intermodulation suppression:≥65dB
Spurious and image rejection:≥70dB
Audio output power:0.5W(8Ω,10% distortion)
Receive distortion:≤3%
Receiver current:≤ 50mA


Transmitter technical index:


Transmit output power:5W~10W
Transmit current:<1.5A
Sleep current:<1mA
Clutter and images rejection:≥70dB
Spurious Response:≥70dB
Modulation frequency offset:≤3%
Modulation distortion:5mV
Modulation sensibility:≤300mA


2A(TXD)RS-485 A or TXD of RS-232  
3B(RXD)RS-485 B or RXD of RS-232  
6RXD/TTLData receive(TTL level)TTL 
7TXD/TTLData transmit(TTL level)TTL 
9TestInternal test  

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