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500mW FSK Wireless Data Modem VHF / UHF Transceiver Module Long Range

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500mW FSK Wireless Data Modem VHF / UHF Transceiver Module Long Range

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500mW FSK Wireless DATA Transceiver VHF / UHF Wireless Data Module


KP-RM304 is a module of DATA transmission integrated with voice communication. Specially designed for automatic industry with high reliability and stability. Provide voice transmission channel, can be connected to a microphone or loudspeaker directly, very easy to extend its functions and applications by the clients. And moreover, we are always ready for your OEM.




Use TCXO and digital PLL advanced technologies, high stability;

Integration of transceiver, both digital and analog signals can be send and switch quickly;

Steady outsell, good hidden and stronger anti-interference;

Industrial designees, work temperature: -40~+70°C;

Several kinds of interfaces for choice: RS-232, TTL, RS-485;

DATA Format: 8N1/8E1/8O1( Customized )

Antenna Impedance: 50Ω (SMA Customized)




Remote reading system of water, electric and gas supply;

Building Automation, security & protection, devices monitoring and access control


Wireless calling system;

Spot management, station management;

RF transmitter Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;

Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;

Alarm systems.




Frequency: VHF/UHF ( 223-235MHz )

Power: 500mW

Frequency stability: ± 2.5ppm

Mode: half-duplex

Channel spacing: 25KHz

Voltage: DC 12V ( Customized )

Transmission distance: 2km


Receiver Indicator:


Usable sensitivity: ≤0.25μV (12dB SINAD)

Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥70dB

Spurious Response Immunity: ≥ 65dB

Adjacent channel power ratio: ≥70dB

Audio Output: 0.5W(8Ω, 10% Distortion)

Distortion: ≤3%

Current: ≤ 50mA


Transmitter indicator:


RF Output: 500mW

Adjacent channel power ratio: ≥70dB

Modulation Distortion: ≤3%

Modulation Sensitivity: 5mV

Current: ≤300mA

Size: 70*46*8mm



Interfaces definition:



12 V


DC 12V ( as good in range 7.5~15V), or customized
5A(TXD)RS-485 A or TXD of RS-232 Either RS-485 or RS-232
6B(RXD)RS-485 B or RXD of RS-232 
7PTTTransmit controlTTLLow level validity
8MICAudio input--------Recommend 1K-2K, -27dB sensitivity of microphone
9SPAudio output 8Ω 0.5
10SQReceiving indicationTTLHigh-level


6 Complete set of equipment:


1. One module of KP-RM304;

2. 10 pin flat connector;

3. A whip antennas ( about 10cm)


7 Antenna appearance structure:


Many appropriative antennas for low power RF modules are selected to meet different user’s antenna configuration. Please ask our Sales office for further information about the antenna’s dimension and performance. The main options of antennas are exterior flabelliform rubber antenna with helical SMA joint, small osculum antenna, small rod antenna and elbow antenna. If the user has special demands on antennas, we can design and produce individually.



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