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Ningbo NCL  Co.,Ltd belong to NCL(ASIA)LTD GROUP (www.avatargarden.com)was one of Chinese garden sprayer & Fogger manufacture, It dedicated to the manufacture of Garden sprayer, Thermal fogger, hand held fogging machine,pump sprayer, spray pump, spray bottles, pressure sprayer,flit sprayer, Thermal Fogging Machine and other Horticulture garden tools& pest control machinery which were world-wide level, with more than 10 years experience in garden, pest control, Horticulture forestry and Cleaning sector.completed over hundreds of garden sprayer and Thermal Fogging Machine project successfully. The garden hand sprayer manufacture was the quality garden pressure sprayers supplier of top  influential company. Except with various kinds of product  garden water Sprayer equipment and Thermal Fogging Machine equipment  to service the clients,  Ningbo NCL also the leading factory in China flit sprayer line. Warmly welcome any inquire and cooperation.
 Garden flit gun sprayer manufacture
6, 000m2 workshop
$50, 00, 000 facilities
300+ workers
12+ technical engineer
9+ process engineer
12+ R&D center engineers
23+ Patent rights
Professional managing team
Ningbo NCL  Co.,Ltd business including:
1. Main Business: Garden Power Sprayers, Garden pesticide Sprayers design, Garden pesticide Sprayers, garden insecticide sprayer,
garden knapsack sprayer, garden water sprayers, garden pressure sprayer,flit sprayer, pump sprayer, spray pump, spray bottles, pressure sprayer,and flit hand sprayer solution so on.
 garden sprayers manufacture
2.  We also could produce Thermal Fogging Machine, mosquito fogging machine, fumigation machine, mosquito fog machine,
mosquito fumigation machine, fogging machine for mosquito control, mosquito smoke machine, mosquito machine,
pest control machine, mosquito killer smoke machine, mosquito killer spray machine,  Cold Fogging Machine, ulv fogger and Mini fogging machine. Commonly used in pest control, disinfection, crop protection, and disease prevention application field.

Hot Products

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Company info

Company Name: Ningbo NCL Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.avatargarden.com/