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Auto Parts Rim Hub Covers To Reduce Tire Rolling Resistance And Fuel Consumption

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Auto Parts Rim Hub Covers To Reduce Tire Rolling Resistance And Fuel Consumption

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Auto Accessories Parts l Parts Aluminum Wheel Hub Cover 4 P cs 68 MM Labe


Make way
There are three kinds of manufacturing methods of aluminum alloy wheel hub: gravity casting, forging and low pressure precision casting.
1. Gravity casting method USES gravity to cast aluminum alloy solution into the mold, and then it can be finished by grinding with lathe.The manufacturing process is simple, without precise casting process, low cost and high production efficiency, but it is easy to produce bubbles (sand eye), uneven density and not enough surface smoothness.One of geely's many models is the production of the wheel hub, mainly early production, and new models have been replaced with new ones.
2. One thousand tons of press forging method of the whole piece of aluminum ingots by direct extrusion on mould, benefit is uniform density, surface smooth and detailed, wheel hub wall thin and light weight, strength of materials, the highest three than casting methods as above, but due to more sophisticated production equipment, and yield is only 5 to sixty percent, the manufacturing cost is higher.
3. The low pressure precision casting method in precision casting under low pressure of 0.1 Mpa, this way of casting of good formability, outline clear, uniform density, the surface is bright and clean, can not only achieve high strength, lightweight, and can control the cost, and the yield over ninety percent, is the mainstream of high quality aluminum alloy wheel hub manufacturing methods.

Product Specifications:

  • Material Type:ABS plating/Aluminum
  • Diameter:56.5mm or 60mm
  • (Please pay attention to the size before you order.)

Items Included in Purchase:




1. If you are from Russian Federation, please leave a full name as the receiver name. Otherwise, you may not receive your items because of the regulation of your customs.

2. If you are from Saudi Arabia, please send the copy of your ID card. According to rule of Saudi Arabia, ID card is a must to do customs clearance.


Name:Wheel Hub CoverMaterial:Aluminum
Color:As the picturePlace of Origin:China
Brand:Toyota Mazda Honda Porsche BMWTerm of Trade:E X W(Guangzhou)
  • Item Height: 62cm
  • Material Type: aluminum
  • Special Features: wheel hub cap
  • Emblem Material: Metal
  • Model Year: 2017 new
  • Item Width: 62cm
  • Item Length: 62cm
  • Special:: Protective, decorative, beautiful
  • Position:: for Car wheel center cap / stickers
  • fit: for Saab
  • for: fit Car Wheel Hub caps


Wheel hub type
The hub is also called a circle.According to the characteristics and requirements of different models, the surface treatment process of wheel hub can be divided into two kinds: baking paint and electroplating.
Ordinary car wheel hub in the consideration on the appearance of small, good heat dissipation is a basic requirement, technology adopted in the basic treatment of the lacquer that bake, namely first spray and electric baking, cost is economic and the colour is beautiful, keep long time, even if scrappage, the color of the wheel hub remains unchanged.Many Volkswagen wheel hub surface treatment process is baking varnish.Some fashionable avant-garde, dynamic color wheel is used also is baking lacquer technology.The price of this kind of wheel hub is moderate and complete.
Plating wheel hub is divided into silver, water plating and pure plating.Plating silver and water electroplating wheel hub although bright and vivid color, but keep the time short, so the price is relatively cheap, for a lot of young people that pursue fresh feeling likes.


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