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Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone Cengfeng Transmission Parts Co., Ltd.

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Address: Jiang Nan Road

Phone: 86-0574-27665868

Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone Cengfeng Transmission Parts Co., Ltd.

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Our company was established in 2000. Our company has a history of almost 12 years and has abundant experience in production technology. Our company mainly produces various transmission belts with rubber and PU materials used for all kinds of transmission systems in many industries, such as transmission institutions of Mechanical equipment, Automobiles, motorcycles, chemical conveying, mining transport, food transport, and so on. We have various choices of products and complete ranges of specifications, including Industrial timing belts, tooth shape V-belts, Automotive V-belts, classical V-belts, wrapping cloth V-belts, motorcycle belts, fan belts, infinitive variable belts, Automotive timing belts, raw edge V-belts, poly PK belts, narrow V-belts, agricultural V-belts, PU opening belts, ring PU belts and conveying belts.
In order to expand our business further and better, we founded an International Import and Export branch company in 2006. Meanwhile, some domestic POS were set up in many provinces in China. All of our products are manufactured according to the international standards. Some of our products have got national-level and provincial-level appraisals and have been honorably awarded by National Rubber Association. Our markets cover 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and some overseas countries and regions, such as the United States, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, Africa, etc. Our products, especially automotive timing belts, Classical V-belts and Motorcycle conveying belts, are famous for special formulas, reasonably designed structures and accurate sizes. We adopt the best imported raw materials to guarantee our product quality with the advantages of strong flexibility, fire resistance and wear resistance.
For the purpose of providing more choices for our purchasers, our company develops more new product specifications, such as Auto generator pulleys, industrial timing pulleys, Industrial conveying belt rollers (rollers), soft and elastic rubber and various kinds of automotive generators of pulley grooves. All of them have reached the national level.

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Company Name: Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone Cengfeng Transmission Parts Co., Ltd.
City: Ningbo
Province: Zhejiang
Country: China (Mainland)
Address: Jiang Nan Road
Zip: 315040