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Adjustable Web Tension Control System DV24 V 4A For Coating Machine

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Adjustable Web Tension Control System DV24 V 4A For Coating Machine

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Coating Machine Manual Tension Controller DV24 V 4A For Web Tension Control


ST-100 manual tension controller


Manual Tension controller Features


1: Using adaptable switching power supply

2: Using PWM(pulse width modulation) , high efficiency.Four control options:

3: Constant current output; Constant voltage output; Constant power output External potentiometer connect.

4: Using buttons and pulse potentiometer to adjust the tension

5: Automatic over-current protection.

6: Multiple installation methods, very convenient and practical..






1. Small in size and thin in case.

2. No fan cooling

3. Max output current 4.00A,adjust step 0.01A.

4. 10s no operation,can remember present output current value.

5. With short cut protection.

6. With forbidden output and allow output function.


Power supplyDC26~28V/5A
Output voltageDC24V
Output current0~4A


Usually work with Powder Brake



Powder brake is used for tension control, overload protector, torque loader, such as printing machine, paper making machine, re-reeling machine, wire drawing machine, metal calender, film processor, textile machine etc.; or the loading device when doing loading experiments, such as motor, engine, hydraulic gear reducer.

Magnetic brake is based on electromagnetic theory and the use of magnetic torque transmission. Its exciting current and transmission of torque with a linear relationship between the basic features. Has nothing to do with the slip case to pass a certain torque, with fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration energy-saving advantages. It is multi-purpose, superior performance, the automatic control devices. It is now widely used in various machinery for the purpose of braking, power test load, unreeling tension control and so on.



ModelTorque NMVoltage
Slip power
Outline dimentionHollow shaft sizeCenter ring installing size
DLd(H7)b(F8)L1L2D1(g7)D2n-dX1 dep


Featured advantages

1. Fast response. Dry design means instant reaction to commands.
2. Durability. Excellent heat dissipation and quality materials mean long life, even under high frequency and high performance conditions.
3. Easy to install and maintain. Sealed bearing race eliminates the need for removal of the center core. No dust brush is needed, and operation is simper and easier.
4. No adjustment of the motor. The motor is designed so that it does not need adjustment of the friction surface, and once it is installed only very minor adjustments are needed.
5. Sure motion. One-piece plate will not slip even under the strongest vibration for longer life.
6. Adjustable torque. Torque levels can be increased or decreased by changing the current, making it suitable for a variety of applications.


Applied industry

1. Packing and wrapping system: packing machines, strapping machines, wrapping machinery
2. Textile machinery: fiber twisters, treatment machines, weaving machines.
3. Metal finishing systems: extruders, wire stretchers, presses, welders, steel wire reactors, cutters, pipe makers, wire winding machines
4. Machine tool systems: laths, millers, steel extruders, CNC lathes, specialized machinery.
5. Transportation equipment: hoists, feeders, conveyors, rollers, winders.
6. Paper-making systems: bad-making machines, box-making machines, slitters, book-making machinery, cutters, copy paper machines.



1. When can I get the quotation?
We usually quoted within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email, so that we can regard your inquiry priority.


2. How should I place the order?
Please let us know the model number based on our specs for tension controller,web guiding system. For powder clutch, powder brake, please show us your drawing, or let us know your request torque, and then we will provide you suitable model for confirmation.


3. What’s your MOQ basis?
Normally, we don’t have MOQ request.


4. What about the lead time for production?
Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the type of our products. For tension controller, load cell and edge position controller which is about 1-3 days. For powder clutch, powder brake which need about 3-5days.


5. What is the term of delivery?
We can arrange with EXW, FOB, CIF…etc. You can choose the most convenient one or cost-effective way.


ST-100 manual tension controller.pdf


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