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Auto spoutTYPE:SK-FG002

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Auto spoutTYPE:SK-FG002

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Product Details

Name: Auto spout
Type: SK-FG002
Series: Auto Spout
About: Automatic Spout, Auto Faucet, Tap, Sensor, Faucet genie,70% Water saving

It's a cool concept , Small and smart .  auto spout is a Do-It-Yourself, Hands Free
automatic water faucet, Mess free, control water consumption, small, convenient, easy to assemble, easy to use (for the whole family)
Humanized Design Depict
Infrared sensor operated
Sensor range auto-adjust
3 Batteries  AAA ,Powered 1 year , Can be changed easily
Avoid the second infection, Prevents cross-contamination and spreading  the germ  through touching the tap handles.
 Guard against theft function
 As well as a water saving product, It is an assistive technology solution for people with disability.
Fast and easy installation
Fit  most  of  standard faucet
Please Note Before you Buy
Technical date:
Water pressure: 0.02~0.8MPa
Induction distance: 50~250mm
Ambient temperature: 0~55degree
Diameter of in-out let pipe:M24 X 1 & M22X1
Material: ABS engineering plastic, Brass adapter & nylon control valve
battery3 aaa batteries, can be changed easily
PackingDouble blister
Installation Instruction:
a) When the faucet is installed correctly, it could be adjusted the inducing distance automatically according to the surroundings like light, reflex material and temperature. When put your hands or other objects  under the inducting zone, the faucet will induct automatically and turn the water on; when leaves, the faucet will turn the water off. If the objects hold more than 1 minute in
The inducting zone, the faucet will send the signal to turn off water and then read just the inducing distance.
b) To meet the requirement of long-run water, a virtual long-run button is designed in the induced faucet. If you need to use water continually, touch the button until water run out, then move your hands away, the water will be continued  for more than one minute. If touch the button again, then water will stop automatically.
Maintenance :
 1.  Keep the auto spout clean
 2.  When the flux of the faucet is too small, take out the filtering core of the
      control, wash it clean and install it again.
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