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MHP - TAT18 Series Metal Hybrid Protection 18A Self - Recovery Overheat Protection

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MHP - TAT18 Series Metal Hybrid Protection 18A Self - Recovery Overheat Protection

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City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Passive Components

Product Details

MHP-TAT18 series metal hybrid protection 18A self-recovery overheat protection






The new Metal Hybrid PPTC device, MHP-TAT18, offers a 9VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical MHP-TAM device. This helps to meet the battery safety requirements of higher-capacity LiP and prismatic batteries found in the latest gaming PC and ultra-book products. Hybrid MHP technology connects a bimetal protector in parallel with a Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) device. The resulting MHP-TAT18 (Thermal Activation) series helps to provide resettable overtemperature protection, while utilizing the PPTC device to act as a heater and to help keep the bimetal latched until the fault is removed.




• Miniature Thermal Cutoff (TCO) device

• High current capacity, low resistance

• Overtemperature and overcurrent protection for lithium polymer and prismatic cells

• Multiple activation temperature ratings (72°C, 77°C, 82°C, 85°C, 90°C)

• Compact size (L: 5.8mm x W: 3.80mm x H: 1.05mm) allows for ultra-thin battery pack designs



Battery cell protection for high-capacity Lithium Polymer and Prismatic cells used in:

• Gaming PCs

• Notebook PCs

• Ultra-book

• Tablets

• Battery-powered portable devices


Typical Electrical Ratings


Operation Temperature72°C+/-5°C77°C+/-5°C82°C+/-5°C85°C+/-5°C90°C+/-5°C
Reset Temperature≥40°C≥40°C≥40°C≥40°C≥40°C
Contact RatingDC 9V/30A, 6000 Cycles
Maximum Breaking CurrentDC 5V/80A, 100 Cycles
Maximum Open VoltageDC 28V/30A, 100 Cycles
Minimum Hold Voltage3V
Maximum Leakage Current200mA@25°C
Hold Current18A@25°C
Resistance3.5 milliohms Max.


Precautions for Electrical Characteristics:

a. Device electrical characteristics may change depending on installation conditions. Users should independently evaluate the suitability of and test each product in their own application. b. If any terminal or lead extensions are added to the device, especially in the case of high current discharging, the device performance may be negatively impacted due to variations in welding methods or materials. Please avoid designs that might cause heat to be generated around the joints of the lead extensions or on the extended terminals. c. SMT solder reflow, wave-soldering and manual soldering irons are not permitted.





Unspecified dimensions, tolerance should be +/-0.1mm

Dimensions in brackets are for reference




Q: Can I have a sample order?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
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A: Yes, for container order, we have OEM packing service, you need to inform us your logo or company information in details. For bulk cargo, we will use neutral packing.
Q: What adventages do you have?
A: Fast delivery and good service.
Stable quality with competitive price.
Strict management system.

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What product specifications do you need? when you ask for a quotation.I will give you the most competitive price per as your requirements. And we have many types for you to choose.

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