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Metal Hybrid Protection PTC Resettable Fuses 15A Recoverable Battery Protection

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Metal Hybrid Protection PTC Resettable Fuses 15A Recoverable Battery Protection

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Product Details

MHP-TAM15 Series Metal Hybrid Protection 15A Recoverable Battery Protection






The rapidly expanding market for ultra-thin portable electronic devices, such as media tablets and ultrathin PCs, has created demand for very thin, low-profile, lightweight and high-capacity Lithium Polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells. A new MHP (Metal Hybrid PPTC) device, the MHP-TAM device, offers a 9VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical battery strap devices. This helps them meet the battery safety requirements of higher-capacity LiP and prismatic batteries found in the latest tablet and ultra-thin computing products. Hybrid MHP technology connects a bimetal protector in parallel with a PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) device. The resulting MHP-TAM (Thermal Activation) series helps provide resettable overtemperature protection, while utilizing the PPTC device to act as a heater and to help keep the bimetal latched until the fault is removed.




• Capable of handling the higher voltages and battery discharge rates found in high-capacity LiP and               prismatic cell applications

• Helps provide resettable overtemperature protection in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cell applications



• 9VDC rating

• Two levels of current carrying capacity: - Low current (nominal 6A hold current @25°C) - High current          (nominal 15A hold current @25°C)

• Multiple activation temperature ratings (72°C, 77°C, 82°C, 85°C, 90°C)

• Compact size (L: 5.8mm x W: 3.85mm x H: 1.15mm) allows for ultra-thin battery pack designs



Battery cell protection for high-capacity Lithium Polymer and prismatic cells used in:

• Notebook PCs

• Ultra-book

• Tablets

• Smart phones


Table M1 — Electrical Characteristics for MHP-TAM15 Series


Model NumberRating (°C) Nominal

Operation Temperature (°C) 


Reset Temperature (°C)Reference Resistance (mohms) 25 °C


Table M2 — Electrical Characteristics for MHP-TAM6 Series


Model NumberRating (°C) Nominal

Operation Temperature (°C)


Reset Temperature (°C)Reference Resistance (mohms) 25 °C


Table M3 — Dimensions in Millimeters and Mechanical Characteristics









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