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Address: 1st Floor, A Building, Weitai Industry Park,Yingrenshi, Shiyan, Bao’an, Shenzhen, P.R. of China 518108

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Joint Talent Industries Limited

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We, Joint Talent Industries Limited (JTI) are a professional supplier of materials and accessories for auto glass manufacturing and installation.

Our products:
1. Accessories of auto glass manufacturing and installation:Windshield mouldings, door sealed mouldings, mirror buttons, rain sensor holders, connectors and connecting lines, plastic and metal clips etc.
2. Materials for auto glass manufacturing: auto grade float glasses, PVB, silk printing ink and soft wood pads, polishing powder etc.
3. Related products: Urethane adhesives, Glass Solar film, Wiper blades and auto glass replacement tools.

We are engaged in developing, manufacturing and distributing of the above and related products for OEM and replacement markets.
Our high quality products are popular and highly appreciated in domestic China and overseas markets including North America, South America, Europe, South-east Asia, Middle east area etc..


As a Valuable Solution & Good Choice for requirements of materials & accessories etc in auto glass manufacturing and auto replacement market, JTI  keeps focusing on:


To supply high quality and correct products based on our long period professional experiences, manufacturing bases and reliable resources. 

To provide competitive price and effective service.

To keep improving our capabilities in technology and development.

To cooperate with our clients closely and to create long-term relationshipbased on mutual benefit.

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Company info

Company Name: Joint Talent Industries Limited
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Country: china
Address: 1st Floor, A Building, Weitai Industry Park,Yingrenshi, Shiyan, Bao’an, Shenzhen, P.R. of China 518108