VAG Dash K CAN V5.14 USB Car Diagnostic Cable for BOSCH EDC15, ME7 CHANNELS

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VAG Dash K CAN V5.14 USB Car Diagnostic Cable for BOSCH EDC15, ME7 CHANNELS

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VAG Dash K CAN V5.14 USB Car Diagnostic Cable for BOSCH EDC15, ME7 CHANNELS

VAG Dash K CAN V5.14 Description: 

VAG Dash CAN V5.14 is a professional VAG group ECU reading and immo box information reading tool. It can used on BOSCH EDC15, BOSCH EDC16, ME7.* /MED 9.5, ME7 CHANNELS.



Caution! Please use software provided by us only. DON’T use software from others!

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This high-performance tool covers up the new generation of instrument clusters from 2002.
Included are GolfV, Touran, Passat B6, Jetta, the new Seat models, such as Altea II and the new Skodas.
This high-performance tool for VW / SEAT /SKODA cars enables you to:

recalibrate the odometer

add keys to the car even though you don’t have all existing keys available

do key adaptation without 5 minutes delay on new keys

read out the login / secret key code (SKC)

write the vehicle identification number and the immobiliser number

download and store the entire immobiliser block decrypted

clone instrument clusters by writing the immobiliser block from a file

read out trouble codes of CAN-ECU′s and erase them

Those functions are absolute unique and give you the chance to earn the money when you normally have to send away your customer.


An example:

a customer wants an additional key adapted to his car.
The normal diagnostic procedure requires that all adapted keys are available.
Unfortunately your customer brought only one key along.
At this point you have to send your customer away (and with him his money ...)
Not with VAGdashCAN.
You can add a key to the existing ones without erasing them. You start the procedure with the new key and after some seconds it is adapted to the car.
You don’t have to wait 5 minutes for the adaptation channels to become reachable.


Supported Cars: 
Audi A4                                             Bosch RB4 2001 - 07.2005                                                    KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
Audi A3                                             VDO 2003 - 2004                                                                      KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Touareg Phaeton                    VDO                                                                                             KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Golf V                                         VDO 2003 +                                                                               KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Touran                                       VDO 2002 +                                                                               KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Caddy                                        VDO 2003 +                                                                               KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Jetta                                           VDO 2003 +                                                                               KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Passat B6                                 VDO 2004 +                                                                               KM-Stand 
VW Eos                                             - 07.2006                                                                                   KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Individual                                   - 07.2006                                                                                   KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
VW Crossgolf                                  - 07.2006                                                                                   KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
SKODA Octavia II                            - 07.2006                                                                                   KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
SKODA Scout                                   - 07.2006                                                                                  KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
Skoda Roomster                             - 07.2006                                                                                  KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
SEAT Altea XL                                  - 07.2006                                                                                  KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
SEAT Altea                                          - 07.2006                                                                                KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 
SEAT Leon                                         VDO 2005 +                                                                            KM-Stand, Login, Schlusseldirektanlernungsfunktion 

Another example:

A customer wants to change his instrument cluster. Normally this is procedure with a lot "ifs and buts".
Not with VAGdashCAN, because you are beyond standard diagnostic procedures!
Just read out the origin immobiliser block and store it. Then you change the instrument cluster and write the origin immobiliser block into the new cluster. That’s it.
No further adaptations are necessary.
You don’t need new keys.
You don’t have to care for immobiliser type classes

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