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304ss No Condensation Automatic Swing Barrier Gates Acrylic Arm Turnstile

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304ss No Condensation Automatic Swing Barrier Gates Acrylic Arm Turnstile

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Traffic Barrier

Product Details


304ss No Condensation Automatic Swing Barrier Gates Acrylic Arm Turnstile


The swing gate is commonly referred to as flapping gate in the rail transit industry. The shape of the blocker


(bump pendulum) is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, and it is blocked and released


by rotation and oscillation. The material of the blocker is commonly used in stainless steel, plexiglass,


tempered glass, and some also use metal plates to outsource special flexible materials (reducing the impact


of pedestrians).



Model ItemSwing Barrier Mechanism
Mechanism Dimension168*980mm
Arm Length(Optional)500-900mm
Motor MaterialSteel and Aluminum Alloy
Driving Motor24V Brush DC Motor
Swing DirectionSingle or Bidirectional Operation are Available
Input InterfaceDry Contact and Switch Signal Connection
Time for Opening or Closing1 second
Starting time after power on3 seconds
Transit Speed30~40 persons/min
Working EnvironmentIndoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
Working Temperature—25°C~50°C
Relative Humidity≤90%, no condensation
Relative Humidity≤90%, no condensation



Product Features:


1.Barriers made from stainless steel, acrylic glass, etc; Mechanical Anti-Pinch structure enable motor to


stop working automatically in given time if there is something on the way during reset, and reset again


after default time delay


2.Automatic counting indicating passenger’s number.


3. Human base model indication function, real time displaying, improve the passing rate and convenient




4. Anti pinch function, barriers auto open when power shut, insure user safety.


5. Break-in ,tail ,over-pass and reverse alert function in order to keep orderliness and effective manage


6.Super combination capacity, adjustable model on site


7.Barriers move speed auto adjust with card reader, problem self-recovery, error calls function which


could convenient users and operators


8.Standard input/output port, meanwhile leaving a port space for installing RS485 communication, connect


and manage the integrated systems through the remote PC.


9. Turned up-coverage is water-proof and easy maintain .


10.Open direction adjustable even though power off


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