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Stainless Steel Automatic Turnstiles Bidirectional Torniquete / Catraca

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Stainless Steel Automatic Turnstiles Bidirectional Torniquete / Catraca

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories EAS System

Product Details


Stainless Steel Automatic Turnstiles Bi-Directional Torniquete/ Catraca


Tripod turnstile RS 718

Size: 280X1200X9800mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Lane Width: 510-550mm

Noise: 50dB
Packaging: Wooden Case

Surprising price! Automatic tripod turnstile gate
RS 718 tripod turnstile is integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller and various kinds of identification technologies, compatible with IC,ID, barcode, fingerprint reader and soon to prvoide intelligent control and management to flow control. Durable, anti-rusty. provide orderly passage to people, anti-illegal entry or exit, smooth operation, low noise. arm drops off in condition of emergencies.



Automatic turnstile gate made of 304 stainless steel from China manufacture

Appearance GB(304) stainless steel plate stamping molding,nice shape,rust-proof and durable.Besides foreign standard electrical interface,bar code,ID card,IC card reader can be integrated in the equipment.

They are used most commonly in train stations, airports, theme parks, museums and office lobbies.


1. The material of tripod turnstile is 1.5mm stainless steel,laser cutting machine.
2. The overall appearance was a round,simple and fashion.
3. Chassis with anti-fingerprint surface treatment, long-term use will not have fingerprints generated; eight years can be maintained
4. Chassis base with black titanium stainless steel base, enhance the overall aesthetic effect.
5. Brake lever is used in stainless steel pipe diameter 38 pack silicone, can effectively prevent the use of the outdoor hot, crash.
6. Led screen showing greeting, card swipe person's name can be displayed


Technical Parameters

Framework304(standard) grade stainless steel Dimensions
Tripod turnstile1000*300*1000mm
Package dimension1050*350*1050mm
Rod length510mm
Operating Modeone-way or two way control
Power supply voltageAC220 ± 10%V, 50HZ
Interface standard RS485/distance≤1200m or TCP/IP.
Gate opening time0.2 second
Transit speed30-40 persons per minute
Working environmentindoor or outdoor
Temperature -10 Celsius to 50 Celsius
Relative humidity≤90% no condensation

Main Features&Function
1. Available in single walkway or bi-directional passage.Both directions can be set as controlled mode or free mode.
2. Self-recovery function:the machine will recovery automatically with invalid counting if passage is not completed within pre-set time
(5 seconds default,adjustable by software).
3. Multi-alarm function:When arms are pushed by force illegally,alarm will be triggered automatically and the center rotor will be set locked(the duration of the alarm and lock is adjustable by software).
4. Automatic-rotation function:once an open signal is given,the center rotor will rotate automatically. 5.Anti-reverse-rotation function:reverse rotation will be forbidden once the arms have moved to pre-set degree from home(adjustable by software).
6. Emergency escape function:the obstacles will open automatically by pressing the emergency button which can be remote-controlled whether the power is on or not.
7. Smart card reader compatible with a variety of card such as IC and ID card.
8. Can be expanded to automatic identification system,realizing function to access control,pedestrian flow control,attendance check or fare collection.
9. Equipped with international standard electrical interface,can be easily integrated with other R/W device,also can be controlled and management through remote supervision computer. 10.Control panel with count and LED digital function.
11. Optional traffic-light: A Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate unit is not available for pass, and a green arrow indicate the direction of allowable pass.






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