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Industrial Meat Processing Equipment , Poultry Plucking Machines 800kg

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Industrial Meat Processing Equipment , Poultry Plucking Machines 800kg

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Chicken Feet Paw Peeling Machine


Our Chicken Feet Processing Machine can be chicken and chicken skin off the nails very clean,and chicken will not have any damage,continuous production of high efficiency, this machine are made of high quality 304 stainless steel,the use of frequency control, adjustable speed,is chicken first and abroad peeling equipment.

Name lineUnit nameWeight(kg)Dimension(mm)Output(kg/h)Power(kw)


chicken feet peeling line








Blanching machine




Peeler machine500





 Operation Steps

  • Scald the poultry after slaughtered by hot water of 65-80 degree.
  • Then turn on the machine,put the scalded poultry into the machine(ginger,potatoand fish can put into directly).
  •  After 10 seconds working,turn on the tap,and wash away the removed feather, then take out the poultry.
  • The whole process of process chicken is about half minute.
  • Comparing with the traditional way of plucking by hands.The feather can be fully removed in just 0.5-1 minute.that's enegry-saving!



1. Used in quail,pigeon and birds' feather plucking

2. Elegant in style and compact in structure

3. With feather plucking of high efficiency
4. Electric motor from famous factory having stable performance,high efficiency and electricity saving

5. With easy operation and timen and energy saving

6. Less in land,lighter in weight,easy to move and clean

7. This chicken paws peeling line is easy to operate, high output, clean peeling; peeling rate can reach above 98%.


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