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Horizontal Fabric Dyeing Machine Programmable High Capacity 200 m/min

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Horizontal Fabric Dyeing Machine Programmable High Capacity 200 m/min

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Horizontal Fabric Dyeing Machine Programmable High Capacity 200 m/min ​





It can achieve extremely excellent adaptability for any fabric types.
Whether natural or synthetic fiber , blended fiber, T/C,T/R,T/W, such as cloth, light (70g/m ) or heavy (600g/m ) and high additional value fabric, all can be dyed efficiently .

Low tension

It is attached with the variable-frequency drive motor’s fabric guide roller, reduce fabric tension for the lighter cloth and avoid the trouble of winding fabric guide wheel .

Excellent dyeing properties

Fabric runs smoothly because of the dyeing liquid jet , can eliminate creases flaws to achieve high performance .

Low bath ratio

Bath ratio is 1 : 5.5~8,high or low bath ratio choice may depend on the actual conditions , save chemicals and energy ( steam , water and electricity ).

High relaxation effect

Because the jet flow can bring high efficiency to deal with fabric of relaxation and kneading action , tight twist yarn and fibrous materials can also be processed smoothly .



  • By using special tail design , make the cloth is in operation , natural folding cloth order flow smoothly and cloth speed can be controlled in 150 ~ 500 m / min,which has the good effect of open weave . It is suitable for High count , Micro - fiber on fiber and reduction processing. There is excellent soft feel .
  • Special effect function device and adjustment device , can apply to various kinds of Nyion fiber , which make the wrinkle degree effective .
  • Functional structure of the tail is suitable for all kinds of thick and thin , high single , coarse count fabric to prevent the edge crease .
  • Dye dual-purpose plane cloth or fold cloth. Special tail design can adjust sheeting or even knit degree of the fold of cloth according to different effects and prevent crease , increase the value of a finished product .
  • It is suitable for different length.


ModelCapacity (kg)Liquor Ratio

Speed of Fabric



working Temperature


Max working Pressure


Total Power(kw)Size(mm)L×W×H


SME236F- I II IV type high temperature and high pressure flow dyeing machine is for dyeing , preshrinking , twist , reduction and diverse work. It is designed in accordance with the special effect function extended and functional structure of the tail is very suitable for thin and thick woven,knit superfine fiber,natural fiber materials and so on.



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