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Velvet Washing Drying Stenter Finishing Machine 1800mm High Efficiency

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Velvet Washing Drying Stenter Finishing Machine 1800mm High Efficiency

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Velvet Washing Drying Stenter Finishing Machine 1800mm High Efficiency




Retire—tracking into cloth frame—up 4 down 5 steamer (titanium alloy sheet)*2 + 512 padder *2 – up 4 down 5 steamer(SS304 sheet)*3 + 512 padder *3 –bridge platform –stenter head -- needle delineation tracking device – into 4th electric heating chamber stentering setting – spray wind to cool – needle run – traction – double rollers delineation friction take up(with length indicator
Velvet Washing Drying Stenter Machine / Combined drying & setting

Effective width:1800 mm
Machine direction:left-hand or right-hand(optional by customer)
Machine speed:2-20 m/min(30-40 m/min quotation is 303,144$,the length increased 12 m)
Transmission mode:AC frequency conversion synchronization variable speed drive
Steam pressure:0.2-0.4Mpa
Compressed air:0.2-0.4 Mpa
Water supply pressure:0.2 Mpa
Track:vertical track and chain.Pin tentering
Cloth in & out way:open-width in,double-roller friction take up
Chamber qty & circular fan qty:4 chamber(3m/chamber),8 *4KW circular fan.
Main transmission power:15 Kw
Installed power:265.1 KW,normal use 180 KW.

Into-cloth frame
Consist of into-cloth tube,cloth tensioner,infrared centring device,guiding roller,channel steel frame etc.
Take up roller:
Base and activities take up roller adopt channel steel welding structure,consiting of activities take up roller frame,base,manual centring device,mandrel.
MHX523 open-width washer:
Box side board adopts 3mm Titanium alloy sheet handled with laser cutting,NC machining,surface shot peening.Guide roller Ф150mm,2mm stainless steel sheet and 2mm carbon steel sheet compound coating roler.Guide roller up 4 down 5.Up roller adopts stainless steel bearing block,mechanical seal; Slot with indirect steam heating,uniform heating,manual release water.Flank with thermometer,surface and ground into 45 angle,for observation.
512 padder:
Up-packing structure(steel roller down,rubber roller is up, Maintainability),cast iron frame.It use Jiangsu Guomao Guotai reduction gears and motor.Padder bearing adopts USA Timken bearings.Piston air cylinder press, Parking pneumatic carried with the roller lock, in case of the pressure loss caused by after rubber roller dent production.Self-made stainless steel peneumatic control box.Euipped with pressure regulating valve,pressure gauge,reversing valve etc.In front of into-padder equipped with a 125 mm Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber roll bending.
Chamber type:
① Hot air small ciculation through air passage blow fabroc head to head,un and down air passage air flow can be adjust.Building block 4 chamber install 2 collective exhaust fans.Front 2 chamber is one group,the power is 2.2kw,behind 2 chamber is one group with 2.2 kw power, Heat insulation panel outside adopts 1.2 mm thickness cold reduced sheet. Thermal insulation layer thickness 100 mm,rock wool or glass fiber.
② In the chamber installed one radiator,two cicular fans,droven by high temperature resistant motor.
③ Filter net behind radiator,suitable for cleaning after stoping,improve heat efficiency.
④ Galvanized duct injection protect Rust stains drop. Plenum has applications in regulation, Adjust air volume up and down.
Main drive and track system:into-cloth extend track, ac motor drive spline shaft, The turbine box, including needle plate chain drive or cloth clips through the vertical track and smooth operation, the chain has permanently tension device.Rail banners, use collective transmission HongFang two head has a separate trimming device, motor reducer and reversing device above all in, convenient in installation and maintenance.
Peneumatic regulating valve above the chamber.Two chamber have one valve,the temperature control instrument controls opening of peneumatic regulating valve to controlling the temperature,the temperature control precision is ±2℃.
Cooling and clothing falling system:cooling wind(5.5kw),cloth take up adopts double roller friction take up.

Machine drive control adopts PLC control frequency conversion Synchronization transmission.Circuit breaker,contactor and other main parts adopt SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER famouse brand.
Electrical ark cabinet shell:steel structure,front single door,behind sealed without door,surface plastic cement,top with axial flow fan and cover plate prevent drops.Single electrical ark dimension(unit: mm):Height x Width x Thickness 2000*800*450
Main transmission frequency converter:Mitsubishi(or request by customer).Fan frequency converter adopts Denmark danvers wholly owned company brand.
Temperature control instrument:Omoron(or request by customer).
Control circuit: The power grid by the isolated transformer provided,220v.
Operate circuit: All operation switch and inverter operation signal access PLC switch input terminal.





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