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High Power Automatic Sliding Door Motor Brushless 100W Low Noise

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High Power Automatic Sliding Door Motor Brushless 100W Low Noise

Country/Region china
City & Province haixi qinghai
Categories Cap Making Machinery

Product Details

High Power  Automatic Sliding Door Motor Brushless 100W 24V DC with Low Noise
Automatic door brushless DC motor is widely used in all kinds of Sliding door, revolving door, swing door, etc.,
Its the driving power of Automatic induction door system.
Technical details:
Round type High power automatic door motor
Motor type: brushless DC motor
Power supply / Output voltage: AC220V/DC24V
Rated power: 100W
Motor speed: 2500RPM
Output speed: 150RPM
Service life: 300million cycles
Temperature range: -10 C to 55 C
Feature description:
Motor color can be customized according to different customer requirements.
1. Brushless DC motor, small size, high power, low noise operation;
2. Automatic multi-functional motor, motor body and gear box are integrated, to avoid small belt drive vibration noise;
3. Design of worm gear transmission, high transmission efficiency, large output torque, low noise;
4. With Hall signal output, accurate control. Connection: JST terminal used in Japan;
5. Zinc alloy synchronous pulley, with the characteristics of light weight, good absorption, aging resistance, low temperature and other characteristics, effectively reduce the running process of rolling friction noise;
6. Installation is simple, safe, small size, with the installation bracket.
Competitive Advantage:
1. LOW NOISE than brushed motor, because of its precise manufacturing technology and direct driving design.
2. Brushless motors have LONG LIFE than brushed motors (more than 3,000,000 cycles), with 10years warranty.
3. Small size and Excellent Design, high-strength wear-resistant gears and high processing makes it more stable, quiet, longer life, higher efficiency, larger torque.
4. Leading technologies, multi- functions, dependable performance while being cost efficient.
5. Widely used for Automatic Doors: including Sliding Door, Swing Door, Curved Door, Folding Door, Hermetical Door, Telescopic Door, Panic Door, Revolving Door, Hospital Door, be installed in the hotels, airports, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals etc.







No-load speed


On-load speed


Noise level


Protection class


Gear Ratio





3million cycles,10years


Sliding Glass door

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