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QP280 Hollow Block Automatic Brick Cutting Machine For 3.6 Meters Below Section

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QP280 Hollow Block Automatic Brick Cutting Machine For 3.6 Meters Below Section

Country/Region china
City & Province henan
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Product Details



QP280 Senes Double Wire Frame For 3.6 Meters Below Section Brick Cutting Machine



Product Description


     It is mainly used to cut mud which is squeezed from vacuum brick extruder into qualified clay or shale brick during production.

     Our Full-automatic brick cutting machine include two parts, one is the Cutter and the other is the Slitter. These processes only need one person to control, which will save about 3000 dollars every year. It is equipped with the complete automatic code system and the PLC programming touching instruction, suitable for coal gangue shale, fly ash, clay, hard plastic, Semi-hard, plastic, soft plastic, standard brick, hollow brick and so on.


Full-automatic brick cutting machine Feature


1) Complete with automated production lines and realize unmanned operation.

2) Overcome the mud, increase product, saving electicity7-15%, layoffs1-2, no work wear.

3) Intelligent control anti-migraine never oblique, saving fuel 70-100%, stainless steel hammer, hard table, automatic and accurate mud place.


Structural characteristics
1. Automatic let partial device never oblique cutting, do not need to be adjusted, the stainless steel drum power mesa clay-strip automatic in place,avoid wasting soil than ordinary flat mesa clean oil saving 70/100%. Stainless steel push board face aperture wear-resisting, 3 times lifespan.
2. Fully automatic operation, do not need to collect and artificial and plate, labor saving, high production efficiency. Online continuous proportion ingredients system (automatic combustion precision machine) ingredients: fully automatic operation, the proportioning precision; Ingredients evenly, saving fuel, reducing pollution emissions, environmental protection and energy saving.
3. Applicable to a variety of material ratio of continuous feeding conveyor, bucket batching system is simple and fast. Intelligent control,avoid the error of the orientation and plugging material lead to arc make the wire into the slot accurately, reduce the wire broken by an average of 70%.
4. High grinding material process guide for hard chromium plating, with composite guide bearing, small resistance, long service life.Buffer accumulator absorb shock return and push return impact energy into power. High strength, large thrust massively applied in coal gangue shale plasticity, half-hard plastic extrusion.
5. Suitable for all kinds of material of hard and soft plastic clay mud of high sediment concentration inferior soil oil-saving effect is prominent. Article through mud should be declared in advance, using encryption roller table. Push board biggest reciprocating frequency 41 times/min. Can be double mud, high block cutting




The machine details are required for production


NoEquipment nameQuantity(set)
1Fork-lift truck1
2Jaw crusher1
3Hammer crusher1
4Roller screen1
5Multi-bucket excavator1
6Box feeder2
7Roller fine crusher1
8Double shaft mixer1
9Double stage vacuum extruder1
10Cutting adobe machine1
11Auto brick setting machine1
12Kiln car50
13Hoffman Kiln1
14Storage transition stable1
15Intelligent progroum separator1
16Fuel tank1
17Rail tractor2
18Hydraulic ferry pusher2
19Vacuum Pump1
20Air compressor1
22Belt conveyor8
23V belt1
25Electric cabinet1
26Secondary Control cabinet2
272 years spare parts1
28Brick factory Tools1
29Warranty Card







    Large grade and firm structure, with full thrust, with the features of forming two large blocks for one time, with materials of shale, coal gangue, fly ash, hard and soft stripes of the clay.
    Our production equipments, highly efficient energy-saving, compact structure, automation, simple maintenance, stable and reliable, low-cost advantages, which can satisfy the different needs of the large, medium and small-scale brick-making manufacturers; are clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash and other raw materials ideal brick-making equipment At the same time, our factory can also provide users


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The production process


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