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Small Scale Drinks Bottling Production Line , Water Bottling Plant Machine 18 Filling Heads

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Small Scale Drinks Bottling Production Line , Water Bottling Plant Machine 18 Filling Heads

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Full automatic small scale drinking mineral water filling production line








    The series equipment is used in producing all kinds of water packed with PET bottles. Washing, filling and sealing devices equipped on the same machine. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable. The appearance is beautiful and the function is complete. Its operation and maintenance is convenient. Its automation is high.


    The advanced technology. The speed of filling is fast and the liquid amount is controlled accurately. The filling can be stopped automatically when there is no bottle or bottles are damaged.


    The advanced auto-washing technology is used in system. Pneumatic valve and damped gears are used for bottle conveying, the noise is low and the whole machine runs smoothly.


    The magnetic torque is used for screw capping. The power of screw capping can be adjusted without steps. The power of screw capping can also be fixed, and the caps will not be damaged, the capping is shortage of caps in the caps storage tank, an alarm signal will be generated and the caps will be fed automatically.


     The whole machine is controlled by PLC with touch-screen as the interface between human and machine. The amount of the drinks in the drink tank can be controlled automatically. The filling and capping will be stopped automatically when there is no bottle. When are cramped wrongly or when caps are not available, the machine can be stopped automatically.








    Integrates bottle washing, water filling and capping into one monobloc, and the three processes are carried out full automatically. It is used in the filling of mineral water, pure water, and other non-carbonated beverage. For electricial elements, we use Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Airtac, etc. which are famouse brand and with assured quality. Each machine element that contacts with the liquid is made of high quality stainless steel. The critical components are made by numerically-controlled machine tool, and the whole machine condition is under detection by photoelectric sensor, no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping. It is with advantages of high automation, easy operation, good abrasive resistance, high stability, low failure rate, etc. The quality reaches the international advanced level. It is the best choice for new and old beverage production line investors.







ModelCGF 18-18-6
Washing head18
Filling head18
Capping head6
Production capacity6000BPH 500ML
Bottle height150-320MM
Bottle diameterΦ50-Φ105MM
Rinsing water consumption1T/H
Power3ph, 380V/50Hz, 3KW
Overall size2800*2000*2400 mm (L*W*H) mm







★ With bottle neck clipping transmission structure, the bottle conveyance is stable; very convenient and swift to use different bottles for filling in the same machine by adjusting the height of conveyor and several exchanging parts.


★ With ballance pressure filling theory,low temperature filling, filling precision is high and the filling level is adjustable.


★ With spring type washing clipper, empty bottles are turned 180°along the guiding roll for inside rinsing; the washing nozzle adopts plum blossom shape multiple holes to rinse the bottle bottom, washing efficiency is high.







□ Light inspection box is covered with stainless steel, with appropriate and comfortable light of national sanitary standard, which can inspect clearly the impurity, defaults and grains.


□ Power of light pipe: 18W


□ Number of light pipe: 2pieces







General description


    The fast flowing air from the blow of the high-pressure fan is sprayed out of an aperture, to remove the remaining waters from bottles to a high extent. The aperture is side-positioned to blow all sides of bottles with fast flowing air.



Technical parameters


Ventilator power: 7.5KW for each

Frame Material:304 Stainless steel







Label length35-250mm
Label thickness0.035-0.08mm
Label materialPET, PP, PE, PVC, OPS, etc.
Production capacity9000-12000BPH
Suitable bottle diameter28-120mm
Suitable bottle height150-320mm
Suitable bottle typeround type, elliptical type, square type, curve type

Labeling machine:2.0kw

Electrical Steam generator: 18kw

Overall size

Main machine 2000x850x2000mm(LxWxH)

Tunnel size: 1800x400x1700mm(LxWxH)








Warranty : One year from the date from the date of Installation or acceptance of the Plant whichever comes first.


Free Spare Parts : Digital instrument, Sealing, Stretching cylinder seal ring, Mould-adjustment wrench, Furnace temperature table, Furnace heating tube and other relative vulnerable part .


Installation : Experts’ team to buyer’s country after confirmation that the goods arrived in site and civil works completed get ready for installation. Funds for trip need to be payed by client and extra salary $50/day during the engineer’s journey.




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