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PET Bottle Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Rinsing Filling Capping 3 In 1 Monoblock

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PET Bottle Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine Rinsing Filling Capping 3 In 1 Monoblock

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PET Bottle Carbonated Drink Automated Carbonated Beverage Production Line








- Water treatment
- Blow molding machine
- Unscrambler
- Air conveyor
- Rinsing-filling-capping 3-in-1 monoblock
- Sleeve/OPP labeler
- Air dryer, visual inspection, ink jet printer
- Shrink wrapper/wrap-round case packer
- Palletizer







    This production line is used for the production of fruit juice, vegetable protein drinks, function beverages, tea drinks and carbonated drinks. According to customers' requirements, we can design the capacity of the line from 1000bph to 36000bph. The complete production line including fruit processing system/extraction treatment system, water treatment system, sugar melting system/soda mixing system, homogenization &sterilization system, CIP system, bottle blowing system, bottle unscramble system, air deliver system, filling system, lamp check system, second sterilization system, labeling machine, drying machine, coding machine, wrap shrinking machine, conveyor, boiler etc. Degree of automation can be configured according to customer requirements, provide process flow and workshop layout design, full technical guidance.






    Model GLBM beverage mixing machine is suitable for producing carbonated drinks, such as lemon drink, coca, soft drinks, sprite and air-contained mineral water, etc, and can adjust the productivity and proportion of water and syrup carbon dioxide. It is the main equipment of the complete beverage production system.



Production Capacity(kg/h)1000-15002000-25002500-30003000-35005000-55005500-60007500-8000
Ajustment range (water: sugar)10: 1-3: 1
CO2/HO2 Volume ratio>2.5
Content of carbon dioxide2.5-3.5
Working pressure of pre-carbonation tank and syrup tank0.05-0.09Mpa
Working pressure of storage tank0.2-0.5Mpa
Mixing temperature0-4℃
power consumption (kw)1.52.973.153.556.37.85
Overall Size(mm)1000×800× 20001500×1000× 1900



1700×1000× 22002000×1500× 3000











1. Adopting crowning the caps with magnetic force, which passes the torque with powerful and constant magnet, and the torque can be adjusted to meet the need of many kind of plastic caps.


2. All the parts contact with liquid are made up of high quality stainless steel


3.This beer can filling machine is quite easy to be operated and maintained with the adopting of PLC control of frequency conversion timing.


4. Rotatory can-rinsing machine has the functions of not opening the valve and rinsing without can.


5. The sealing parts are all imported from foreign countries, which meets the requirement of the hygiene of the foodsafety


6. The automatic tin can aluminum can filling machine is a pop canned Beer in the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign and domestic sealing machine on the basis of independent development Of the can filling, sealing unit.


7. Adopting the way of filling by holding the necks of the cans, plus the function of pre-cover of the centralizing cover with high precise centralization, which ensure the right seating of mouth of the bottle and filling valve, with low liquid loss.


8. The automatic tin can aluminum can filling machine easy to be maintained and used with the adopting of concentrating or automatic lubrication system and the structure of full-open protection.







    Horizontal hot water retort machine is made up by processing tank, hot water tank, valves and pumps, connecting pipes and PLC touching view. It adopts high pressure and high temperature hot water as the medium, can take fast and high temperature sterilization on the food package such as compund thin film package, can, glass bottle, plastic bag and so on with be food slowly returning inside the machine. So to fast and evenly heating, greatly reducing the sterilization time, so to reach the goal of high temperature and short time sterilization.





1.Returning way can avoid over heating the food around


2.Temperature controlling system can swiftly automatically control according the different features of the package


3.Pressure controlling system matches the standard pattern automatically adjust pressure according to different conditions, so to avoiding distortion and destory of the container, fit to increase the production.


4.Production and quality management can goes effectively by analyzing and checking T-t and P-p record


5.The main body of the boiler and the touching surface to the material all adopts high quality stainless steel, up to the food sanitary demands





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