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Pneumatic Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine For Superfine Powder

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Pneumatic Automatic Valve Bag Packing Machine For Superfine Powder

Country/Region china
City & Province chuzhou anhui
Categories Boiler Parts

Product Details

Automatic Pneumatic Automatic Bagging Equipment For Valve Bag Superfine powder 10 - 50 KG


The PVPE (Pneumatic Valve Packing Equipment) is an air flow bagger designed to fill dry solids, like granulated pellets, cement, adhesives, renders, powders, small aggregates and flaked products into valve bags. The PVPE works on the basis of air fluidisation of the product and differential pressure resulting in product flow into valve bags. This equipment can also be customized as per different customers’ special requirements. The PVPE Packer weighs the bag and contents as it is being filled. The packing speed can reach 5-8 bags per minute (20 kg) while maintaining accuracy. The speed relates to material ratio, fluidity, granularity, humidity, etc.


Key Features


One full automatic pneumatic type valve bag filling machine comprises of:

1. PVPE (Pneumatic Valve Packing Equipment)

2. Manipulator (mechanical arm)

3. Bag magazine

4. Conveyor


Automatic Bag-Feeding Manipulator

The valve bag is sucked up by the suction cup, and the manipulator stretch open the bag mouth to insert the bag into the material discharge hole. The vacuum of the standard suction cup is generated by the suction system. This system can give timely feedback of product status to ensure that each bag is accurately placed to the packaging machine discharge hole.


Bag Magazine (Empty bag depot)

It is big enough to keep 120 empty bags here and there is still place more bags. This bag magazine coordinates the automatic bag-fetching manipulator to realize fully automatic operation of bag taking. When the present batch of bags are used up, the next batch will be automatically replenished. The operator on site can put the bags into bag magazine while the machine is running. So there is no need to stop the production for supplement which will ensure continuous packing.


Materials to Fill

Including but not limited to dry powders, premixes or materials of diameter less than 7 mm. Typical materials: PVC powder, renders, cement, gypsum powder, dry mortar, fine sand, lime powder, tile adhesives, joint mixture, charcoal powder, graphite, grain, flour, chemical powders, perlite, and all kinds of powdery additives.


Main Technical Data

Packing range10-50 kg
Packing speed5-8 bags/min. (relates to many factors)
Packing accuracy±0.5~1%
Valve hole size50 mm (2’) suitable, filling spout
Valve hole length90-165 mm
Bag length90-180 mm
Bag height300-900 mm
Air consumptionTo be specified
Air pressure6-8
Weighing sensorTo be specified
Display instrumentTo be specified
Air cylinder and its componentsTo be specified
Electric componentsTo be specified
Material feeding modeSlow and quick two modes


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