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Automatic Pneumatic Automatic Bagging Equipment For Valve Bag Dry Mortar 10 - 50 KG

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Automatic Pneumatic Automatic Bagging Equipment For Valve Bag Dry Mortar 10 - 50 KG

Country/Region china
City & Province chuzhou anhui
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Product Details

Pneumatic Valve Bag Filling Machine for Dry Mortar 10 - 50 KG Automatic Packing



One full automatic pneumatic type valve bag filling machine comprises of:


1. PVPE (Pneumatic Valve Packing Equipment)

2. Manipulator (mechanical arm)

3. Bag magazine

4. Conveyor


The PVPE (Pneumatic Valve Packing Equipment) is an air flow bagger designed to fill dry solids, like granulated pellets, cement, adhesives, renders, powders, small aggregates and flaked products into valve bags. The PVPE works on the basis of air fluidisation of the product and differential pressure resulting in product flow into valve bags. This equipment can also be customized as per different customers’ special requirements. The PVPE Packer weighs the bag and contents as it is being filled. The packing speed can reach 5-8 bags per minute (20 kg) while maintaining accuracy. The speed relates to material ratio, fluidity, granularity, humidity, etc.


Materials to Fill:


Including but not limited to dry powders, premixes or materials of diameter less than 7 mm

Typical materials: PVC powder, renders, cement, gypsum powder, dry mortar, fine sand, lime powder, tile adhesives, joint mixture, charcoal powder, graphite, grain, flour, chemical powders, perlite, and all kinds of powdery additives.


Main Technical Parameters:


Packing range

Packaging Accuracy

Packing speed



Valve hole length

Bag length

Bag height


Air pressure

10-50 kg


5-8 bags/min.


90-165 mm

90-180 mm


300-900 mm

6-8  bar


Machinery Service:

  1. Before Sales: Professional Sales Team & Tech Team to provide the compelete infomation the customer needed and help them to find the best automation solutions for their factory with moeny saving and effective ways.

  2. Under Sales: The sales team will keep the communication effectively between the customers and the company, balance the both side benifits in a proper way, and feedback the customer wishes to the company and adjust the solution to meet the customer needs.

  3. After Sales:

  • Provide free trainning to the clients, but not include the other cost;

  • Provide 24 hours hot-line to support the clients' business, in case there is any accident error during using;

  • Provide one year guarantee with free exchange spare parts and software maintainence, not include human factors & natural disasters;

  • Provide life-long tech support for the machinery daily using & maintainence.

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