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Electric Milk Processing Machine / Small Scale Milk Pasteurization Equipment

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Electric Milk Processing Machine / Small Scale Milk Pasteurization Equipment

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Categories Glass Product Making Machinery

Product Details

Small Electric Fresh Milk Pasteurizer Dairy Goat Milk Pasteurizer and Homogenizer


Equipment overview
The milk sterilizer is made of high-quality stainless steel.
Milk pasteurizer can control the water temperature to 80°90° in the sterilization tank for all kinds of packaging or canned food. It can not only have the bactericidal effect, but also ensure that the protein and other nutrients are not. Changes in the range of large temperature difference, maintaining the original quality, taste, color, etc. of the food, to achieve no preservatives on the food, is conducive to the health of consumers, especially extended shelf life and storage period.


Scope of application
Milk pasteurizer is a kind of equipment that can sterilize all kinds of packaging or canned dairy products, which is beneficial to consumers' health and can extend the shelf life or storage period of food.

The fresh milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for sterilization of milk products such as sterilized milk, goat milk, camel milk, etc., and can also be applied to the sterilization of liquids such as beer, egg liquid, honey, and soybean milk. The main principle is the pasteurization principle, that is, low temperature sterilization, that is, no more than 100 milk sterilization, pasteurization can retain the beneficial bacteria in the milk, and eliminate harmful bacteria such as E. coli.


The sterilization time of the sterilization equipment is adjustable from 5 to 40 minutes; the sterilization temperature is adjustable from 50 to 99 degrees Celsius and an automatic temperature control device is provided. The sterilization tank is equipped with a heat preservation facility and a temperature compensation device, which ensures the balance of the water temperature in the tank and ensures the sterilization effect.


Equipment composition
The fresh milk pasteurization machine consists of six parts: base, water tank, milk tank, circulating water pump and circulating waterway. The water tank is divided into several types:

1. The upper layer is the hot water tank and the lower layer is the cold water tank.

2. Hot water tank.

3. No water tank.

It consists of a liquid level gauge and a circulating waterway. The milk tank is composed of a milk tank main body, a milking mouth, a top cover and a support frame. The top cover is composed of a reducer, a stirrer, a thermometer, an endoscope and a venting hole. composition. The milk tank is divided into three layers, inside which is a milk layer, the middle is a water circulation layer, and the outside is an insulation layer.


Equipment classification
1. Fresh milk pasteurization machine is divided into 100L and 150L according to the output. 100L can process 200 kg of fresh milk at one time, 150L can process 300 kg of fresh milk at one time, and 100L and 150L have a low sterilization amount of 10 kg. In addition, we also have large fresh milk pasteurizers, fermenters, and refrigeration tanks. Large fresh milk sterilization machine models can be divided into 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L and so on.
2. Fresh milk pasteurization machine according to the cooling method is divided into: refrigeration compressor refrigeration, ice block refrigeration, tap water refrigeration.

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