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220 V Semi Automatic Oil Filling Machine Weighing Type For Paint Epoxy

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220 V Semi Automatic Oil Filling Machine Weighing Type For Paint Epoxy

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Plastic Extruders

Product Details

Semi automatic weighing type drum filling machine for paint epoxy ,oil ,gasoline, dyes, resins, pastern, organic solvent daily


Application :


This weighing type filling machine is suitable for all kinds of containers, metal or plastic barrels of the machine can be used for, between 3kg and 50kg at the same time accurate quantitative filling, the system can be used in damp, dangerous or other adverse conditions.

Widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, according to customer needs can be designed and manufactured into an anti-corrosion liquid filling scale, food grade liquid filling scale and explosion-proof liquid filling scale.


Feature :

1. It is manufactured according to the standard of QB/T2501-2000 gravity automatic weighing instrument;

2. The contact material is made of Teflon and is corrosion resistant;

3. The system is manufactured with high-end electrical accessories such as Japan 701 instrument and Omron RELAY;

4. The filling gun is designed to be quickly disassembled and easy to maintain;

5. The additional pneumatic ball valve in the front section of the filling gun is automatically closed when it is not filled to prevent material leakage;

6. The sealing system is made of PTFE, solvent resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and long life;

7. The scale drum and countertop are made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance;

8. The filling gun adopts plug-in filling to avoid the material flying over the bucket and affecting the outer packaging;

9.The system adopts two-stage automatic filling method to increase the accuracy;

10. After the single barrel filling value arrives, the filling gun will automatically lift up and wait for the next start;

11.Unique anti-drip device to prevent material from dripping on the bucket and affecting the packaging and drum;

12. When the filling gun is not inserted into the mouth of the barrel, the filling gun is automatically lifted and the filling is not performed;

13. When filling, just manually move the bucket to the platform, press the start button to perform filling;

14. If the emergency stop button is pressed in an emergency, the filling can be cancelled;

15.One-button operation: start-fill gun drop-automatic peeling-two-speed filling-finish-filling gun rise


The main structure of the frame is sprayed with carbon steel;

Platform feet with fixed heavy-duty all-steel adjustment feet (adjustable height 5cm)



Weighing platform

The anti-side punching double-layer reinforced weighing platform prevents the weighing platform from affecting the weighing accuracy due to insufficient strength, and effectively protects the load cell from external corrosion;

Weighing platform top material SUS304;

 Sensorimported weighing sensor
FillingSpray gun corrosion resistantinsertion filling to prevent splashing
 The mateiral of spray gunTeflon, five-layer seal, seal material Teflon material;
 Spray gun method

Submersible type


 Filling solutionPneumatic insertion into the mouth of the barrel then filling liquid , reducing foam generation / effectively suppressing static electricity generation;
 CylinderTanwan Airtak Brand
 Sectional fillingThe system adopts segmentation control, two-speed filling design, and automatic opening and closing of the pneumatic ball valve through the valve to realize two kinds of speed filling, large and small, completely eliminating the influence of the incoming flow rate on the filling accuracy, and making the equipment filling. Accuracy and speed reach the leading level in the industry
 Leakproof designAdopting German technology, professional no drip filling and multi-layer seal design to ensure no leakage during the filling process;
 Quick operationSetting the operation panel, control start and stop, and various function buttons to facilitate the operator.
ControlElectric control boxFrench Schneider Brand, The overall structure, sealing grade IP65, durable

Display target value

Intelligent error-proof display / intelligent fault alarm, etc.

Historical record inquiry (optional)

Convenient for operators/human machines

 Pneumatic componentTanwan Airtak Brand

The panel is provided with a selection function button for controlling start/stop, automatic/manual filling, automatic gun/manual lifting etc.

Parameter setting operation panel setting 7 group key combination.

 data storageMultiple sets of recipes for storage

The weighing data is transmitted to the customer DCS through the MODBUS protocol and the RS485 signal.

The supplier provides the communication data port; (optional)

 Intelligent alarmSetting multiple intelligent foolproof measures to prevent misoperation, industry-leading; weighing design (unlike the industry time delay mode), the gun head hits the barrel and immediately bounces back without filling, avoiding damage to the barrel surface. This technology is the first in the industry;


Technical parameters:

NameDrum filling machine
filling precision±0.1%F.S.
Filling speedas request
Voltage380 V 50 hz 3 phase
air supply0.6Mpa
Operating temperature-10℃-50℃;
Relative humidity< 95% (no condensation);
control methodTwo-section liquid infeed weight control (with backflow control)
Filling methodSubmersible type
Weighing platform size3000 * 1700 mm*2100 mm
Spray gun head tubeTeflon;
Tube pressure0.2-0.6MPa
Material interfaceDN50-flange joint;
Air source interfaceThe user provides G1/2 internal thread for quick connector connection;


Drum filling machine picture and sample :









Drumbig container



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