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PLC Control Natural Mineral Drinking Water Bottle Filling Machine 10000BPH Electric Driven Driven

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PLC Control Natural Mineral Drinking Water Bottle Filling Machine 10000BPH Electric Driven Driven

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PLC Control 3 In 1 Natural Mineral Water Bottle Filling Machine 10000BPH Electric Driven driven



Structure of 3-in-1 Monoblock(Standard):

1. Air conveyor(2m)

2. 3-in-1 Monoblock filling machine

3. Cap loader

4. Light checker

5. Flat conveyor(2m)

If you have other special requirements,please let me know,we can customize it for you.


2. CGF24-24-8 Washing Filling Capping Machine

Usage: washing, filling and capping 3 in 1 monoblock is used for filling liquid into PET bottle. Full automatically; it can finish washing (bottle), filling and capping three jobs in the one machine.

Machine frame:

The machine frame is a welded structure of high quality carbon steel with the surface anti-rust treated and coated, the machine frame is wrapped with stainless stell SUS304.
Driving system of the 3-in-1 unit is positioned under the machine talbe. One main motor provides driving porwer via gear transmission.
The gear transmission system is an interleaved arrangement of stell gears and nylon gears.
The output shaft of the main motor is equipped overload protection to secure machine safety.
PLC electrical control system controls the fully automatic operation of the monobloc.

Primary features:

1. Compact conformation, good shape, cozy operation, excellent automaticity and poor labor intensity.

2. Only exchanging “star wheel”, ”feeding screw” and “arc guide plate” while exchanging model of bottle to be need.

3. The all parts directly contacted with media are all adopted with food stage stainless steel without dead angle, so they can be cleaned easily.

4. Adopting advanced valve to control the inlet flow rate of liquids. It can keep the slight turbulence of liquids level in the solution barrel and ensure the accuracy in filling.

5. Closing feeding valve automatically while no bottle on machine avoiding the loss of aqueous feet. Filling automatically with a high speed and the control of liquids level is accurate.

6. High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.

7. The “capping head” is adopted magnetic-constant-torque device to ensure the high capping quality and without damages.

8. Adopting efficient cap settling system which carried perfect cap feeding and protection device.

9. It is adopted spiral descent fashion for the support plate for bottom of bottle at the outlet thumb wheel.

10. And to adjust the input height is not necessary for exchanging model of bottle.

11. Carried the perfect protection system to overload; it can be used to protect facilities and operators efficiently.

12. Because of applying touch screen for operation, it is possible to realize man-machine conversation whereas the status of device running is clear at a glance.

13. The primary electric components such as touch screenPLCtransducer etc. are all adopted with world famous products.


Washing part

All 304 stainless steel washing heads, water spray style inject design, more save water consumption & more clean

304 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, ensure minimal bottle crash during washing

304 stainless steel washing pumps

Filling part

The filling station using all metal (not plastic) 304 stainless steel contact parts gives consistent accurate, high precision filling nozzle together with vacuum pump regurgitate system, to ensure the high filling precision, ensure same filling level

Filling temperature is adjustable.

Centre 304L stainless steel filling nozzle used which are designed for maximum flow rate and minimum bottle distortion during filling.

All 304 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank, fine polish, no death corner, easy to clean

No bottles no fill

Bottle struck no run

Capping part

Place & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping

All 304stainless steel construction

No bottle no capping,

Automatic stop when lack of caps


3. Cap loader

It is used for conveying caps into the capping machine by blowing. It starts to work automatically when it is lake of cap in the capping machine. The height and distance of transporting caps, the time of sterilizing can be adjusted as the requirement.

4. Light checker


5. Flat conveyor


Technical parameter:

Production capacity(500ml)(b/h)2000-40004000-60008000-1000012000-15000(0.5L)
Filling precision≤±5MM(Liquid Level)
Polyester bottle standard(mm)Bottle diameter40-80;
Suitable cap shapePlastic Screw Cap
Water pressure of Washing bottle(MPa)0.18
Water consumption for Water bottle (kg/h)800160025003500
Spraying position55612
Dripping bottle position333.57
Gas source pressure(Mpa)normal pressure
Gas consumption(m3/mm)
Total power4.235.036.578.63
Total weight2000350055008000


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