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Star Scan for chrysler/dodge/jeep Diagnostics Tools

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Star Scan for chrysler/dodge/jeep Diagnostics Tools

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Product Name:   Star Scan for chrysler/dodge/jeep
Part No.:             A189
Net Weight:        5.5KG

Product Description 
Voltage: 12v
Type: auto diagnostic tools

 Star Scan for chrysler/dodge/jeep
StarSCAN is the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep OEM tool for all Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
vehicles that use CAN protocol. This professional grade tool is a self contai
-ned hand held device with a color touch screen.

Coverage starts in model year 2004 with the Dodge Durango and continues
to expand it’s coverage through 2008 year model.

StarSCAN runs on an Alchemy Au1100 processor with 128 MB of RAM and internal compact flash file system.
StarSCAN has a 6.4-inch color VGA (640x480) LCD touch screen display. It also includes a Secure Digital (SD)
memory card slot, and USB ports for optional keyboard, mouse, CR-ROM, printer, and other peripherals.
1. Vehicle scan information in seconds instead of minutes
2. Color LCD display with 640 x 480 resolution
3. 128 MB of SDRAM
4. 16 MB of integral flash memory and 512 MB of compact flash
5. Weighs less than three pounds
6. File downloads via the internet
7. Internet updates available in an upcoming software release
8. Can be powered by an internal battery, vehicle battery, or simple
   external wall unit adapter
10. Secure digital card
11. USB Interface for keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, printer, etc...
12. Data recording is totally self-contained
In addition, StarSCAN's improved error-detection and robust error-handling capabilities will help technicians isolate
vehicle bus problems and enhance diagnostics

Software Supported Languages:     
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
Supported Cars:      

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep

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