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TLT235SBA Floor Plate Two Post Lift

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TLT235SBA Floor Plate Two Post Lift

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TLT235SBA Floor Plate Two Post Lift

TLT235SBA Floor Plate Two Post Lift>>
Product Name: TLT235SBA Floor Plate Two Post Lift
Part No.: IC018
Net Weight: 3500KG

Dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stable lifting and lowering. Adopt two steel cables for equalization,
force two carriages to move synchronously.
Standard Floor Plate Two Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 3.5Ton)

Function Improvement

ItemNotes on ImprovementUpdate Date
wire color change and wiring pin mark1.The color of the gounding wire in the electric box changes from black to yellow/green to comply with CE. 2.Add marks "U V W L1 L2 L3 PE" on the corresponding motor wiring terminals in the box as an instruction for easy and correct connection.2010-5-12
Increase a new kind of hoseIn order to meet customer"s requirements,a new kind of hose with throttling hole is used to prevent the accidents of sudden burst of in the hydraulic system.It will make the lift come down steadily ,slowly and safely.2009-2-23
Unite the holes on the two-post liftUnite the holes on the column to simplify the processing,It won,t effect the function of the machine.2008-12-2
Changes of round rubber pad hole positionAdd shims to the installation holes ,Bottom is flat ,add shims to ?8 installation holes and flat washer 82008-6-27
Color change of power wiresFor the different standard of power wires change the color of the wires red?green?blue?green in yellow to red ?brown ?purple and green in yellow2008-6-13
Wire color changes in electrical control boxAll the yellow,green wires change to black ones2008-4-11
Add lables of control box and button boxFor clients requirements,add a type of lable . Operation lable of button box (code:107021730) Operation lable of control box (code:107021792)2007-11-28
Changes of steel cable for safety lock for series TLT two liftAccording to the customer requests ,we add some retaining rings on the rubber pad supporter in order to protect the cable of one side manual safety lock on AT not to slide off ,The carriage of flool-clear two-post lift can be installerd nore convenient2007-11-26
Increase the shims to the carriage for series two-post liftFor well-adjust,the list of carriage (except TLT245ST SK2030)adds:TLT235SB shims I for sliding block(galvanization) ,Q235-A,TLT235SB-20-12-A,code:201010987,number:12007-11-5
Two post lift-electomic control precess improvement1.TLT235SBA,TLTE32SBA,TLT235SCA,TLTE32SCA,TLT235SCA+, TLT240SBA,TLTE40SBA,TLT240SCA,TLTE40SBAII,TLT240ATA Specil manufacture,TLT240ATA,TLTN240SCAPowerside column frame cancel 4-M5 fixing hole for outlet 2.TLT235SBA-11-01-01-BOffside column add up 8-M5 threaded hole for wrap2006-12-13
Cancel industrial outletCancel followed 3 kinds outlet of control box ,to cave cost Ordingary two post control box 380V 3PH Ordingary two post control box 220v 3ph Ordingary two post control box 220v 1ph2006-12-8

See detailed specifications in users manual

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