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Safe Auxiliary Equipment KN500K Inkjet Machine With Automatic Ink Road System

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Safe Auxiliary Equipment KN500K Inkjet Machine With Automatic Ink Road System

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong
Categories Rubber Processing Machinery

Product Details


KN500K inkjet machine

KN500K inkjet printing machine models of integration of the world's leading edge technology of KN500K inkjet printing features machine, stable performance, perfectly function. Adopted in today's popular 320 * 240 LCD screen, can be directly inserted into various special symbols on the screen, edit graphics, very convenient to enter a variety of lattice and text messages through the screen. It is a combination of European and American market demand, the function has been further perfect, has been exported to many countries.


Functional features

Automatic ink road system

Article 900 data information storage/output

320 x 240 LCD screen display

English, Chinese, location input method

printing information can store, call at any time

easily implement a graphical editor, screen interface A key switch machine design, equipped with this password, safe and reliable

English and Japanese characters, Numbers (Arabic numerals, Roman numerals) and special symbols


Spray print function

Spray publishing count: 1-2 rows (KN2120), 1-3 rows (KN2130)

highest spray printing speed: up to 1076 characters per second (7 5 single line),

a variety of fonts/language/logo/character spray print, timing, counting spray print

print information can be positive sequence, reverse, reverse, reverse direction four spray printing

Count, batch number, automatic display products

message delay spray print,

spray printing height: 7 5 single row: 1.8 -5 mm, 16 16 single row: 5-15 mm,

up to nine times bold coefficient

Font bitmap: 75,77,107,1212,1610,1616

Supplies and accessories

Ink: black, blue, red, green, UV ink (stealth)

Thinner: special thinner kenuohua Matthews

Accessories: optical fiber sensor, the nozzle stents

To choose accessories: hand-held spray printing rack, paging machine, meter, conveyor belt, etc

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