Black Audio Conference Microphone , Full Digital Networked DSP Wireless Conference Processor in Audio Conference System

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Black Audio Conference Microphone , Full Digital Networked DSP Wireless Conference Processor in Audio Conference System

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Product Details

Full Digital Networked DSP Wireless Conference Processor in Audio Conference System


Main Features

1.The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing

2.One CAT5e cable to transmit up 64 channels audio and other signals.

3.High-fidelity sound quality by lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling rate and 20Hz ~ 20KHz frequency response

4.The central controller can independently control four conference rooms or make combination of conference rooms, support cascading of multiple conference controllers, achieve larger conference combination and separation (including meeting management, etc.).

5."Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection makes the system always working perfectly no matter changing discussion unit or having any malfunctioned units

6.The microphone sensitivity of each unit and 16 level equalizer EQ can be adjusted independently

7.The 16-level equalizer EQ to achieve sound or the whole conference field adjustment, limiter to prevent the sound suddenly become loud or low; noise gate of human voice can be identified; support AGC/AFC/ Mix (Auto-mix) technology

8.USB recording, advanced noise cancellation technology to realize clearer recording


1.Compliance with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94

2.With VIS-EXM extension main unit, it can expand to 5200 discussion units

3.Support "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection and the system automatically assigned to each unit independently ID to avoid duplicate ID conflict

4.Both wired/wireless discussion units can connect to the controller, fast and easily to adding delegate of meetings

5.Wireless unit supports up to 8 microphones active simultaneously, anti-interference ability is stronger than ever, compliance with IEEE 802.11n standard Wi-Fi both for 2.4GHz and 5GHz
2 channel audio input, XLR or RCA type, for local input or remote video-conferencing input
MAX 8 channel audio output, XLR, RCA or Phoenix type, to connect language translation system or output to different zones

6.Adding the audio input box, this system can be used with condenser microphones or dynamic microphones

7.Build-in functions for intercom

8.TCP/IP connection between controller and PC

9.Controlling through RS232 to realize MIC ON/OFF, Priority, Volume adjustment.

10.RS485 or RS232 to send the PELCO/VISCA protocol to realize camera auto-tracking function.

11.Hot-swap for any system unit, and the controller has auto-recovery function

12.Wide range of voltage from 110V~220VAC

13.Without using PC software, our conference controller still owns following settings:

14. Limit on the number of speaking persons: By Setting the number of active units at the same time(Number is 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 units)

15. Discussion modes:

"OPEN" Free for all, limited by the active units setting by controller,"VOICE" Unit activated by voice, "FIFO" First in First out,"PTT" Keep pressing button when speaking, "APPLY" To apply then to speak,"ALL" Free to speak for all people

- Voting function: Approve/Abstain/Object
- Chairman unit has priority to close all other units or mute them temporarily
- Chairman unit can answer the application for speaking from delegate
- Simultaneous language interpretation

16.With PC software to add more ways of voting:

- Approve/Object
- Approve/Abstain/Object
- Level:1/2/3/4/5
- Ranking:--/-/0/+/++

17.By using RFID card to identify, can realize voting with names.


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