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Multi Arc Vacuum Metallizing Machine / Film Coating Equipment For Phone Metal Shell

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Multi Arc Vacuum Metallizing Machine / Film Coating Equipment For Phone Metal Shell

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City & Province wuxi jiangsu
Categories Electronics Projects

Product Details

ATOP Mobile Phone Metal Shell Wear Resistant Film Vacuum Metallizing Machine


Basic Configuration


1.The coating chamber, valves and piping are made of stainless steel vacuum chamber effective diameter


from Φ500 mm to Φ2000 mm.



2. The vacuum system consists of mechanical pump, rotary vane pump, rotz pump and a cold well high


vacuum oil diffusion pump or molecular pump.



3. The coating system adopts multiple flat target or cylindrical target, with multiple dc power or medium


frequency power supply.



4. The auxiliary pumping system adopts a low-temperature water vapor trap.



5. The gas flow meter and flow control (display) control of the pneumatic system are adopted.



6. The electric control system shall set up circuit overload, water breaking and sound alarm device of the


broken air.



7. Control system (touch screen + PLC), display detailed parameters in real time, fully automatic control of


the entire production process, and automatic storage of process parameters.



8. The equipment is equipped with high power bias system and the ionizing source auxiliary deposition






Working principle


Magnetron sputtering working principle of vacuum coating machine, the so-called "splash", under the


action of the electrons in an electric field accelerates to the substrate in the process of collision with argon


atoms, ionization out large amounts of argon ions and electrons.The electron flies toward the substrate,


the argon ion speeds up the target material under the action of the electric field, sputtering out a large


number of target atom, and the neutral target atom (or molecule) is deposited on the substrate to form the


film.Secondary electron in accelerating to fly to the substrate by magnetic field in the process of lorentz


magnetic force, the influence of confined area near the target surface plasma, the plasma density in the


area is very high, secondary electron under the action of magnetic field around the target surface is


circular motion, the electron motion path is very long, constantly in the process of movement of the impact


ionization out large amounts of argon ion bombardment of target, after many times of collision of the


electron energy gradually reduce, cast off the yoke of the magnetic field lines, away from the target


material, the final deposition on the substrate.



Product Name

ATOP Mobile Phone Metal Shell Wear Resistant Film Vacuum Metallizing Machine

Vacuum Chamber Size
Decide according to the substrate size and output

Hardware,glass crafts,ceramic crafts,such us watches,mobile phone metal 
shell,sanitary ware,mould,electronic products,crystal glass, glasses, cutlery, knives
and so on

Coating Film
High-grade decorative coating.
Coating Color
Gold, rose gold,coffee,brown,bronze,blue,black,white,gray etc.

Hardware,glass crafts,ceramic crafts such us watches,mobile phone metal
shell,sanitary ware,mould,electronic products,crystal glass, glasses, cutlery,knives
and so on.

Vertical type ; horizontal type ; single door type ; double-door type.
Coating Material

Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, tungsten and other metal films may
be manufactured as coated TIN, TIC, TICN, TIALN, CRN, CU, AU, diamond film
(DLC), decorative film metal, film and non-metallic composite coating film and its
compounds film.


High pumping speed, high efficiency, energy saving, full automatic process
controller can be simple, reliable, beautiful.




Main Feature

1. It equipments cryogenic ion secondary source, some substrate without heating the material, It
can directly do the cold plating film at room temperature, save energy, increase productivity.

2. The maximum of the temperature for tool coating chamber can 600 degrees, In addition to the tool
Coater coating applications require heating device, other applications do not need the device.

3. High deposition rate, High coating speed, It can be widely used to do the decorative coating, functional
coating on a variety of products. So it is a ideal equipment to do the high-grade and best coating for mass

4. Magnetron sputtering principle is based on the theory of the cathode glow discharge, it expend the
cathode surface magnetic field near the work piece surface. Then it improves the sputtered atom
ionization rate. It keeps the magnetron sputtering uniformity, also can improve the surface shining effect.


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