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Stainless Steel Craftwork CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500 * 3000mm Easy Operation

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Stainless Steel Craftwork CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500 * 3000mm Easy Operation

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Stainless steel craftwork CNC laser cutting equipment with laser power 750W.


New model




1.Fiber laser cutting Machine main features:



CNC fiber laser cutting machine take key components are used abroad leading brand, perfect assembly


techniques to create best cutting performance.


Performation in advance mode, the plate quickly punch cutting, cutting time much saved.


Automatic folloing system, domestic top vibility, can realize a calibrationg, antomatics following.


Fiber transport, flexible procsssing, suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel and other kinds of high-


reflective metal materials.


* The bottom of the machine is equipped with automatic dust extraction device to prevent smoke pollution


generated during cutting.



* German high performance reducer, gear and rack transmission which ensure the cutting precision and the


stable performance, our 800W CNC fiber laser cutting equipment uses a moving gantry structure, imported


high-precision screw and linear guide, smooth transmission, high precision , the X, Y, Z axes are imported


from Japan servo motor, high-precision, high- speed, high-torque, high inertia, stable performance and






2. The main reason why choose the fiber laser cutting machine.


  • Electro-optical conversion efficiency ( power saving):


The optical fiber as the laser medium, the optical conversion efficiency of pump light energy in to common


wavelength material processing (1069-1090nm) up to 50%; the total electro-optic commonly of fiber laser


conversion efficiency up to 30% or more, more higher than carbon dioxide glass(15-20%), (6-10%) for


carbon dioxide radio frequency laser (6-10%), comparative data: lamp-pumped cutting machine 650W total


power is about 30KW/hour,the total power of the 800W fiber laser cutting machine is not more than 8KW,


you can calculate how many power cost you can save one year.


  • Maintenance-free (low maintenance costs):


All-fiber laser optical path entirely composed of fibers and fiber-optic components, welding technology using


optical fiber connection between the optical fiber and fiber optic components, the entire optical path is


completely enclosed in the optical fiber waveguide. Once this natural all closed optical path is formed,


without additional isolation measures can be self-contained, isolated from the external environment to


achieve. Resonator fiber grating replaces the lens structure, there is no lens contamination, distortion and


so on, so that in case of proper use of fiber lasers, basically no maintenance.



  • Integrated use of low cost:


Fiber laser has excellent thermal performance, high electro-optical efficiency, saving water and electricity,


it’s important to maintain the amount of money and time, improve work efficiency. Maintenance-free and


long-term use up to 100,000 hours can save a lot of money and maintenance time and improve work






3. Fiber laser cutting machine main Application materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized


sheet and other metal pipes and tubes.



4. Fiber laser cutting Machine application field


Widly applied to metal-sheet processing, stainless steel decorative engineering, advertising trademark and


advertising character, high/low voltage electrical cabinet, kitchenware, metal crafwork, auto parts, farm


machinery, medical instrument, sports equipment,environmental protecion equipment, elvvator apparatus,


central air conditioning, metal craftwork, hardeware, tool and gauge etc...




5. Fiber laser cutting machine main cutting functions:








Main Descriptions




Height followingTorch move up and down according to plate height




Power controlLaser power controlled according to slope




Reverse functionReverse to execute NC program




Breakpoint returnReturn to breakpoint after recovery




Multi piercingPulse, blasting, progress, high-speed




Lead lineSet lead line parameter




Auto edge-seekingFind cutting piece coordinate automatically




Leapfrog functionLeapfrog to improve cutting efficiency




Common lineCommon line to improve the cutting efficiency




Marking functionMachine can do any shape laser engraving on plate




Nesting functionSoftware can be automatic layout, saving material




Auto alarmIf machine has problems or parts disconnected, the machine software will show error code automatically, so that the operator can find the solution very easy and quickly.



6. Laser Cutting Max. thickness and corresponding cutting speed data (only for reference, the actual speed depend on the actual materials)



Thickness (mm)


MaterialsMax. cutting speed (M/min )




Carbon steel14
























Stainless steel15
















Aluminum alloy/brass3.5







7. The machine’s main technical parameters







Max. laser power




Laser wavelength




Effective processing area


1500*3000mm (other size can be customized )




Red light indication


X,Y axis repeat positioning precision




X/Y axis positioning accuracy




Z axis route




X/Y max axial acceleration




Max. loading weight




Protection level of main power




Max. cutting thickness


≤10mm ( the real thickness depend on the actual materials )


Cutting software Support format


DXF and PLT which outputted from the Auto CAD or CorelDraw software )


Total power consumed




Power supply


3 phases , 4 wires AC, 380V, 50HZ/60HZ/60A


The Auxiliary gas


O2 , N2 and compressed air


Machine whole weight




Machine loading method


20'GP container





8. Machine’s main configurations and the parts of original list.




Machine parts name


Parts Main feature and introductionCountry of original
NLIGHT Fiber laser Generator

The USA nLIGHT company is the world’s famous high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers leader by its efficient production of fiber lasers and diode pumping laser optic parts. Fiber amplifiers is undergoing


constant innovation and breakthrough performance, and it widely used in materials processing, communications, medical and other series of advanced arts, a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, China


built mainly responsible for market development, system integration, technical support and after sale service.


NLIGHT fiber laser has advantage of cutting high reflective metal materials, such as the aluminum, brass and copper etc…


Imported from USA

Machine structure and heavy


machine tool

Our machine tool is used integrated welding after annealing to eliminate stress, the process of cutting welding stress relief annealing—roughing—VSR—semi-finished-VSR-Finishing, a better solution due


to welding and the stress arising from the processing, which greatly improve the stability of the machine, the common thickness range of structure metal profiles from 12-15mm which at least 20 years no




Control & software CYPCUT

Dual-drive control, real-time error alarm intelligent monitoring of dual-driving axis, dedicated laser control interface to provide a dedicated PWM Signal, the carrier frequency up to 50KHZ, level can switch


to support 5 voltage-24voltage standard two levels. It can be adjusted in real time according to the PWM output speed. It provides 2-10 V analog interfaces. Optionally configured in software to achieve


real-time control of laser peak power and proportional valve.


CYPCUT software to generate AutoCAD, DXF format can interact with software modifications, seamless connection.


CPYCUT software includes a variety of commonly used laser cutting process, such as: compensation, lead, even slightly, the gap, the user can set the graphics process is completed and saved as DXF


format, and this format can be opened directly by AutoCAD.


Laser cutting head

Swiss brand Raytools BT240 series was launched in 2014 by Swiss company RAYTOOLS AG., applicable to high power industrial applications of fiber cutting head, a wide range of interface settings,


enable it with a variety of fiber lasers. Optimization of optical design, with digital cutting height sensor allows more efficient. Dual water-cooled design makes the laser head can be operated stably for a


long period at the high power output.




Expending leans




Focus lens




Optic fiber cable




Laser isolator




Servo motors




Bevel gear and rack




Speed reducer




Machine industrial computer




Limit switch




Electrical components




Lubrication system


Full automatic oil systemChina


Nesting software


Testing fully automatic, support running without power on for best cutting path and save materials.China





9. Machine rough running cost:



a) Total power consumption



Machine parts


Power (KW)Power consumption(KW/H)Note


Laser generator


2≤11.4*60% = 6.7Due to the electricity cost different in every country, so I can only give total power consumption, couldn’t give total electricity price cost


CNC machine tool




Water chiller





b) Machine gas consumption


Gas type







6L/HourCalculated based on 1mm carbon steel sheetDue to the gas price different in every country, so I only can give the rough gas consumption per hour




20L/HourCalculated based on 1mm stainless steel sheet



C) Machine consumable parts



Consumable parts name


Life time

( hour)

Unit price


Total cost




Protection mirror



If the working environment is good, the consumable parts lifetime will be more










USD0.3 /hour




D) Machine rough total running cost



Power consumption


Consumable parts


Gas consumptionNote


O2 gas cutting


6.7USD0.3/hour6L/hourBased on 1mm carbon steel


N2 gas cutting


6.7USD0.3/ hour18L/hourBased on 1mm stainless steel


Remark: if use the compressed air to cut stainless steel will save much gas cost.





10. The laser cutting samples for different materials for reference:

CNC laser cutting equipment for Stainless steel craftwork , laser metal cutting machine



CNC laser cutting equipment for Stainless steel craftwork , laser metal cutting machine



CNC laser cutting equipment for Stainless steel craftwork , laser metal cutting machine





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