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The Asus Laptop range is a well established and respected brand for both home and business users. These laptops have the right balance of quality specifications at excellent prices. By Buying your Asus Laptop online you can take advantage of our laptop deals to ensure you get the best laptop discount.
Reasons to buy an Asus Laptop
Warranty: Every Asus laptop comes with collect and return warranty. Growth: Asus are the fastest growing notebook manufacturer in the world. Brand: Asus are a leading manufacturer; currently 1 in 4 desktop PC's uses an Asus board globally. Quality: All Asus notebooks are individually tested before shipment. Processor: Asus laptops are available with both AMD and Intel processors. Partners: Asus are official partners with ATi and use Radeon mobility graphics. Battery Life: Certain models have up to 7.9 hours battery life. Licensed: Every Asus laptop comes with an official Microsoft Windows XP licence fully installed.
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Asus UK Website - http://uk.asus.com/
Asus Germany - http://www.asus.de/
Asus France - http://france.asus.com/index.htm
Asus Russian Website - http://www.asuscom.ru/
Asus Polish Website - http://pl.asus.com/
Asus USA - http://usa.asus.com/index.aspx
Asus Australia - http://au.asus.com/index.aspx
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KL Computers Computers parts acessories and networking solutions for home and businesses.
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Asus 1001HA-BLK007X, Intel Atom N270 , 10" LED (Anti-glare, WSVGA 1024x600), 160GB HDD, 1 x 1GB DDR2 ...
Display: Anti-glare 10.1" WSVGA(1024x600) CPU: N270 (1.6GHz) Storage: 250GB HDD Memory: 1024MB OS: ...
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Display Glare 12.1 CPU D525 1.8G + ION2 HDD 250GB HDD RAM Memory: 2048MB Type: DDR 3 Expention up to ...

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Company Name: KL Computers Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.asuslaptop.co.uk/