3.2M Wall Paper Eco Solvent Printer in 2 pcs DX5 Head CMYK 4 Color

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3.2M Wall Paper Eco Solvent Printer in 2 pcs DX5 Head CMYK 4 Color

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Product Details

3.2M Wall Paper Eco Solvent Printer in 2 pcs DX7 Head CMYK 4 Color


Quick Detail in A-Starjet 5L Printer: 


Type: digital printer

Brand Name: A-Starjet

Place of Origin: Changzhou,China

Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic

Usage: Wall Paper Printer

Certification: CE

Voltage: AC 100

Model: A-Starjet 5L

Weight: 575 kgs

Color: CMYK 4 Color

Keyword: eco-solvent printer

After-sales Service: Yes


1. Technical


Using 2 pcs Epson DX5 head which is unlocked version can be used directly in A-Starjet eco solvent printer.



2. Mechanical Precision


Inheriting A-Starjet's strict quality control on mechanical presicion. The precision-machined service station and carriage makes it easy for head cleaning, head preserve. Which result in that the printing will be stable and also prolong head's lift time.



3. User Friendly


Free supplied 16bits Iprint RIP system, easy to use and we keep updating for our clients. The 3rd party ICC also can be used optional for best color rendition.     


Photoprint Software and Wasatch can be optional in all A-Starjet eco solvent printer. But A-Starjet special Iprint is equipped standard in the eco solvent printers.



4. Comfortable After-Sale Service

24 hours self-service. 12 hours online service with senior engineers on Skype, Whatsapp, Wechat and so on. As the first eco-solvent printer maker in China since 7 years ago, we got plenty experience to provide best service for global clients.     


5. Specifications



A- Starjet 5L

Print head

Two DX5 print head

Number of nozzles

1440 nozzles per head


4 Colors:Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black



Height of print head


Size of ink droplet


Printing width



3pass  40.0 sq.m per hour

4pass  32.0 sq.m per hour

6pass  19.0 sq.m per hour

8pass  13.8 sq.m per hour

Media width


Media take up


Media feeder

Through Core Type / Stack Type for your choice

Media payload


Heating system

Standard: Pre-heater and post heater

Option: IR Heater 


eco-solvent ink

water-based dye ink

eactive printing ink

Ink cartridge

8×350ML continuous ink supply, Optional bulk system

Rip software

iPrint3.0  16bits

Control software

Print console

Operation system

MS Windows XP / Windows 7



Power voltage

AC 110~120V 50~60Hz

Printing environment


Printer dimension


Packing dimension


Net weight


Gross weight



6. Application


1) PVC Type: Flex Banner, Knife Coated Substrate, Double Side Printing Banner PVC, Advertising Cloth, Adhesive  Vinyl, One Way Vision, Mesh, Reflective, Banner, Reflective Vinyl.


2) Eco-solvent Fabric: Flex Banner, Polyester Canvas, Pure Cotton Canvas and so on.


3) Wall Paper: Wall Paper with PVC on the surface, pure paper Wall Paper, wall paper with fabric on  the surface, wall paper with fiber on the surface.




7. Competitive Advantage


1) Print Head: 2 pcs Epson DX5 print head, each print head has 1440 nozzles. 


2) Printing Width: the maximum width can be up to 3.2M / 10 Feet.


3) The only step need for adjust the print heads is to insert the print head into the carriage. It doesn’t need to be adjusted for several times and dairy maintenance is quite easy and can be learned quickly.


4) Eco-solvent ink: using ink in eco-friendly, the smell of the ink is light which is suitable to use the printing media in indoor and outdoor both.



8. Features


1) DX5 Micro Piezo Print technology

DX5 Printhead with Micro piezo print technology can show not only the excellent printing quality, but also the durability to the eco solvent ink. DX5 print head has a longer and more durable working lift. The improvement of priting precision makes the ink droplets smaller.


2) 3.2M Super Wide Printing Width

Not only can meet the demands of regular printing, but also accepts the special order of super wide size and expand the business range. Super wide inkjet printer can use in the textile and other special fields, and the precision is much better than that of the common solvent printers.


3) The Dual Print Head Design

The technology for two print heads is the mature technology that we bring out to the market in the early stage for years. Now the product with two DX7 print head will definitely replace the previous of printers with DX5 print head.


4) Comprehensive Media Handling

The standard media handling includes the automatic feeding & take up system that can load up as 200 kgs. The heating system and hot air drying system which can now easily print on flex banner and diversify medias.


5) 1.8M Printer also Available

For the best product coverage, the 1.8M printers with one DX5 head (Model: A-Starjet 5.0), and two DX5 heads (Model: A-Starjet 5) are also available for your easy choice and best buy.




9. Details in Printer






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