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New Design Green Asphalt Shingles

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New Design Green Asphalt Shingles

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Product Details

Here is why choose asphalt shingle?
1). Durability and low repairing rates
2). Wide range of applications
3). Non-special fittings and lower project cost
4). Self-clean
5). Heat insulation
6). Safety
7). Self-adhesive

Asphalt Roofing Shingles
Double layer ( 6 types for choice)
1000mm x 325mm x 5.4mm
Gray (12 regular colors for choice)
26kg/ bundle
16pcs/bundle, PE bag with fumigated wood pallet, 20pallet /20GP
Wind Resistance
Water Resistance
30 years


We have four basic packagings, you can free design own-branding packaging.

Our Company



1. The only professional manufacture to draw up the GB and industry standards unit.
2. Founded in 2002, 16000 m2 workshop, ISO certificated, GB, ASTM.
3. Color, package, quality can be free designed according to your application;
4. All raw materials suppliers are the same as the Owens Corning;
5. Our shingles undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet GB, industry standards and certifications.
6. Held our first fiberglass shingle patent in 2006.
7. Up to the top-notch technology of jump-colored shingles.

Our Service

Either fading or falling sands(come out the asphalt layer), we guarantee compensation;
Our color of asphalt shingle can be designed if you really need;
Sample will be free sent if you pay for the freight;
Response in 24 hours;


1) What is fiberglass?
ANS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiberglass
2) How many shingles do you need?
A good approximation is to order an extra 5 - 10 % material (depending on the amount of roof detail) for coverage of the hips, ridges and starter strip. When applying Round, Wave or Laminated shingles be sure to order rectangular shingles in matching color to cover hips and ridges.
Example: Shingle type: 3-tab
Roof Surface: 310 m2
Calculation: Roof coverage= 3.10 m2 /bundle
310 m2/ 3.10 = 100 bundles
4) How to install shingles?
ANS: On-line consultation
5) How to test?

Test methods
Glass felt confirmed
After tearing tiles, you find rib felt, use the compound fetal, no quality guarantee. If find more glass fiber, using glass felt. Imported tiles have the most glass filament.
Asphalt confirmed
Smell it after tearing shingles, if used defective asphalt, we will find tiles irritating
Colored sand fading
Put the colored sand in a glass cup, add a little muriatic acid into the cup (or vinegar), and boil for about two hours, observe colored sands fading. imitate directly solar radiation and acid rain in real life
Cold resistance
very simple, throw the asphalt shingle into the fridge freezers directly, freeze it for a few hours, then see if it occurs leaking sands, cracking, and so on
Place the saiteng asphalt shingle in the oven, set the temperature 90 degrees. Position these strips overhanging vertically in the oven, after one or two hours, observe if surface flows, drips, bubbles, and so on
Leaking sand
Directly rub the asphalt tile surface with the hand repeatedly, or bridle with high pressure water flushing, observe the leaking sand, if just few sand falling, it is normal, But if you rub or flush many times, led to sands fall more and more, even with asphalt layer coming out, so that the life of the tiles must be discounted
Put saiteng asphalt shingle on the ground , and water it directly, then observe the waterproof effect.
Wind resistance
randomly selected two pieces saiteng asphalt shingle, according to normal construction sequence fold them, put them under sun, One or two hours later the tiles have basically stuck together, can be found in one or two days ,it will be much firmer (in case of lower temperature, we can wait longer time to observe)
UV resistance
Put tiles into an UV temperature box, then observe the tiles aging under exposure to ultraviolet rays, but it takes a long time, consider appropriately,
It relates to some professional equipment, ask testing organizations for inspection.

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Here is why choose asphalt shingle? Characteristics 1). Durability and low repairing rates 2). Wide ...