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KR Series SCR MIG Welder

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KR Series SCR MIG Welder

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1.The ASK industrial heavy-duty welder with the unique features of interference-resistance and protection technique ensures excellent performance in severe condition environment, such as high temperature, dust, vibration, and big current long-time working.

2.Extended working cable and unique extra-standard current output are designed to satisfy the need of long working cable for remote distance and long-time work. KR-500 can output current 570A. Welding current output for extended 50M integrative cable can still remain above 460A.

3.This welder offers CO2/MIG/MAG welding with various range of welding wire within 0.8-2.0.

4.Suitable to all position welding, including horizontal, vertical, vertical, overhead welding on steel plate above 1mm.

5.Applicable to welding on mild steel and alloy. Also to aluminum when using argon as shielded gas, as well as SS when using mixed gas as shielded gas. This system is designed to meet the wide range of welding application, including: boat building, steel structure, machinery, and hardware.

ASK-KR Advantages Presentation:

1.Employing SMT circuit board in KR series leadingly inside of China offers guarantee to improve performance, reliability, and consistency of welding of KR series products. ASK company owns auto testing & diagnostic device of circuit board and can test all control parameters on PCBA rapidly. Fully assembled machine has premium consistency and part interchange ability.

2.Adopting USA DOPUNT NOMEX wire as conducting material of main transformer and this material is reliable for long time working under 200. All insulation material is rated as H grade therefore ensuring fully assembled machine can work for high current and long time under 180 maximum.

3.ASK Company employs superior devices and components wholly. Wholly-sealed dust-proof alternative current contactor with external cover is used, SCR control module from SanRex, Mitsubishi (Japan), current sensor from LEM(Sweden) and Tamura(Japan), electric current and voltage meter from TOKOGAWA(Japan), temperature sensor from Airpax(USA) are integrated into our system as well to ensure welding-ability and durability under severe working environments.

4.GEORG (Germany) silicon steel sheet automatic cutting lines, imported hi-speed punch equipped with hard alloy machining module are adopted. Burr of single silicon sheet is controlled within 0.03mm. Output current without load of main transformer is controlled within 2.0A. Thus loss of transformer is low, and lifetime long, heat radiation low, current attenuation less after long assembled machine.

5.This system is equipped with high-class of wire feeder, welding torch, gas regulator, control cable and working cable. Reliability of performance is ensured to show the advantage of the fully assembled machine.

6.The lower limit welding current of each KR-500 welder is stable between 70A and 85A on 1.2mm steel plate under the condition of using wire in 1.2 and CO2 shielded gas. The welding process is stable, formation good and suitable for vertical positions welding.

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