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Yuanjian Minerals Processing Factory

Yuanjian Minerals Processing Factory

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Yuanjian Minerals Processing Factory was established in 1989, It is located in the area of Taihang Mountain Hebei Province, China. Yuanjian is famous for Mica, Vermiculite, Colour Sand, Quartz etc, and a small part of chemical products,such as Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Carbide,Caustic soda etc.We have two branches in Shijiazhuang City and Tianjin City, which take charge of selling and after-sales services.

     Yuanjian Minerals Processing Factory lies in Lingshou County Shijiazhuang City Hebei Province.It's only 240 km away from Beijing, and 320 km away from Tianjin Port, so it is very convenient for products' transportation and export. Our factory is one of the largest processing factories specialized in Vermiculite and Mica in China, It has sets of advanced machine to process Vermiculite, Mica, Colour Sand,Quartz, Perlite, Feldspar etc. Therefore, we can process various grades and sizes of minerals as customers' requirements. It is a modernized factory, gathering minerals' processing, technology developing and all kinds of minerals' selling. Certainly,we can process and sell non-metal minerals more than 100000 MT annually. 

     For many years, we trate the quality and services as our fundamental. A large investment has been made on introducing various advanced equipments for production,quality control and inspection.Mean while, we have engaged higher technicians in conducting production to ensure the perfect quality.Yuanjian own itself storage in Xingang Port, and we have assigned special personnels to take charge of the normal forwarding duties, checking weights, packaging and loading etc. Our products are main exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.All of our products are widely used in building material, horticulture, ceramic, metallurgy, insulation, refractory, chemical, machinery, light industry, abrasive and aerospace industry etc.

     YuanJian will devote attention to improve products' quality. It's delivery system, logistic net work, after-sale services net work and B2B, B2C platform are the leading supplier of non-metal minerals in China.

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Company info

Company Name: Yuanjian Minerals Processing Factory
City: Shijiazhuang
Province: Hebei
Country: China
Address: 1-605 ,Block A, No.19 ,Zhong Wang Road,Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei
Website: http://www.asia-mineral.com/