Natural Sliced Cut Russia Ash Wood Veneer Sheet For Following Top Layer

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Natural Sliced Cut Russia Ash Wood Veneer Sheet For Following Top Layer

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Natural Sliced Cut Russia Ash Wood Veneer Sheet For Following Top Layer



Quick Detail:


Regular thickness:0.5mm,1.0mm.1.5mm,2.0mm

Regular width:133mm,125mm

Regular length:910mm,1220mm

Our natural flooring veneer species also have stock for elm,Walnut,China cherry,Maple,Sapele,White oak and so on.

The flooring veneer can be used by furniture manufactures and by the veneer doors manufactures





Flooring veneer, also known as floor veneer and floor top layer veneer, is a thin real wood layer used for the top layer of veneer wood floors, Veneer wood floors are different from solid wood floors in that the real wood is just in the top layer of the flooring, below that is plywood, particle board or some other composite,


it often looks just like a solid wood floor, you actually see and feel real wood, that is exactly what makes the difference in you home, office or shop, just like a fingerprint, no two trees are identical, each veneer flooring is unique,


We often opt for the durability and strength of veneer flooring that lets them showcase a particular wood without the expense of solid wood flooring.


Russia ash veneer, also called china ash veneer, originated from northeast China and irkutsk of Russia, is a hardwood veneer mainly used for furniture surface making and interior decoration. Russia ash veneer has a nice grains with uniform light brown color. The most popular grain form of brown ash veneer is crown cut and quarter cut. The better logs display a uniform cathedral crown with clean, straight stripes. The annual growth rings are often strongly defined and give the veneer a distinctive look. In veneers, the grain and structure of Russia ash veneer with cheaper cost is very similar to white ash veneer, which makes it one of more attractive hardwood veneers.




1. First determine which direction you want the flooring to run. Usually flooring is installed so it runs the length of the room for aesthetic purposes, but it depends on personal taste.

2. Remove any baseboards as the flooring needs to be installed close to the wall.

3. Place the underlayment on top of the existing floor or the subfloor, as this will help reduce moisture and squeaking. Staple the underlayment into place so it won’t shift.

4. Start at the corner of the room and place the first board with the tongue facing toward the wall. Be sure to leave a gap of about half-an-inch so the floor has room to expand and contract.

5. Place the second board next to the first so the shorter ends touch and pull the second piece as close as possible.

6. For a tight fit, grab a small scrap piece of the flooring and fit it into the grooves of the last piece. Place a block on the end of the scrap piece and knock it with a mallet a few times until it locks into place (figure B). Do not try to knock the wood directly, as it may damage the edge. If a piece is damaged, save it to use later as an end piece.

7. Continue laying down the flooring in this manner. When you get to the end next to a wall, mark with a pencil how much flooring remains and cut down the piece to the appropriate size.

8. In order to lock the end piece into place, try using a smaller scrap piece of flooring. If there isn’t enough room in the gap to fit a tool, place a pry bar and pull it into place with the mallet (figure C).

9. Continue laying down each floorboard until the room is complete. For any irregular corners, try cutting the flooring with a jigsaw. It’s best not to have the seams line up, so stagger the rows.

10. Many types of flooring comes pre-finished, but if you choose an unfinished floor, be sure to sand it down, stain it and finish it. Finally, reinstall the baseboards when all flooring is down.




Inlay veneer, veneer,flooring and furniture






China ash floor veneer






 for floor face

We can accept special order with your own sizes.

Fixed size veneer



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